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  1. Dear Sir;
    First of all, let me congratulate you on your excellent blog.
    I am the author of the blog entitled “Mister Mystery Responds”. On one occasion you were kind enough to record in my blog that you liked one of my short stories. That’s why I take the liberty of asking you a favor. I have self-published those stories in the form of ebooks and have invested in announcing them on Amazon’s marketplace. But as I read on the Internet forums, potential buyers take largely into account the star rating and the customers reviews. In the event that your opinion about my short stories remains favorable, the favor I ask is that you be so kind as to rate and review one of my humor books (Parabbbbnormal Tales, Sherlock Holmes: the embarrassing cases, Kabbalah according to the wise men of Chelm, Squattedman in the wonder city, Episodes of the “Belle รˆpoque”, (Chi)romantic episodes, Psstchoanalytic tales, Humhorrorous tales and The crazy trial of Franz Kafka). Apparently, that counts a lot in the decision of potential buyers. This favor implies spending the $ 2.99 that the ebook costs, but you may be pleased to know that all the money I can raise with my books goes to UNICEF (I already have a well-paid job and don’t need money). It would be sufficient to acquire and rate just one of my ebooks. There are other people who have also sent me their favorable opinion, and my purpose is to ask each of them the same favor that now I am asking you. I could ask a friend or family member but they would not be objective. If I can compensate this trouble in some way, it will be my pleasure to do everything in my power.
    Xavier Perez-Pons

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