‘Intolerance’ – Hugely discussed and debated topic in the recent times. This was not a solitary call but was heard from different nooks of the world. While all are not the same. If it is in the form of xenophobia and racism on one side, on the other side it is hypernationalism and religious intolerance.

United States of America

A country which backed globalisation now wants to make ‘America great again’ and skip back to the olden times. With the rise of Donald John Trump and his anti-immigrant policies. He fails to recollect that contributions of minorities to the building of the developed nation was not minimal. Also racism has awakened further.


The country’s rich history of its courtesy, harmony, and tolerance is under attack now. Religious intolerance being the major concern with mournful events like cow vigilantism and love jihad. Even the UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein made a statement on this. The famous quote ‘Atithi devo bhava’ (The guest is equivalent to God) taken from Taittiriya Upanishad which was a part of Indian ethos for centuries is being eroded. India’s indifference on Rohingya issue is just an indication of it. The rise of hypernationalism is another fact. India must read the history of Nazi – Germany at least once.


Party leaders who preach anti-immigration sentiments and Islamophobia have begun to see green patches, whether its Austria, Hungary, Poland or Estonia. Once the great English poet William Cowper said, ‘Variety is the spice of life’, but not many Europeans seemed to have listened to it.


But is just tolerance the ultimate solution to all these?

Tolerance is synonymous to saying, ‘Smoking is injurious to health, but its okay.. your choice…you may smoke, since its none of my business’

In a more formal sense, ‘you have the right to be wrong’, that’s what tolerance says.

But at one point or the other, this ideological absconding or irresponsiveness may pressure up and burst as tougher intolerance and pure violence.

What we actually need is a more rooted long-term key which is not tolerance but acceptance.

The idea of acceptance is like saying,

‘You’re right, I’m right, and I respect that’.

But that doesn’t come easy. There should be a wide vision and thought from all perspectives. Find what’s wrong with ourselves. Correcting them. Collaborating on ideas. Accepting own mistakes is something humans find naturally hard. Working on facts and truth rather than on rumours, instincts, and impulses. I think this can be a fine solution to at least some of our present-day issues.

32 thoughts on “Tolerance.”

  1. Trump may have REINVIGORATED racism in the U.S. and given it a bigger mouth, but in truth we have struggled with it for centuries. However he has also pissed off a bunch of us as well…Stay tuned. This is history. This is how the United States becomes a better country — by confronting those who stand beneath the safety of the Statue of Liberty and forget where they came from. It ain’t over til the Green Lady sings!

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        1. Yeah. I went through a point of realisation. Analysing myself. I do feel some of my previous posts weren’t accurate.
          But yet I am aligned left maybe not as much as I used to.
          And I really appreciate your mindset!

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  2. I think tolerance,intolerance and acceptance are widely issue-specific. Not one of these can act as a panacea individually. Acceptance might turn out to be ignorance in some cases. I believe we need a diplomatic combination of the three in the right proportion. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Yes this is true but we can only start with the self because we only have control of the self. Hopefully the countenance of one will brighten another. As a great poet (Michael Jackson) said “Start with the man in the mirror.” Accept ourselves faults and all and then we may see how easy it is to accept others. We are very good at judging but not so good at making judgements when it comes to the behaviour of others. Maybe this is the actual fault.

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  3. Most of Europeans still do, fortunately.
    Besides acceptance, maybe also acknowledge that we need each other to save this planet, with all living creatures on it. By now, it’s no longer ‘survival of the fittest’, we evolved to far to stick to this ancient given.
    Great post, dear Junaid.

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  4. ‘Tolerant towards other religion’ – we were taught but I could never agree because tolerance means enduring (something wrong), so the schoolwide teaching is a twisted way of saying that others are wrong, to which I could never agree and failed to obey that moral (immoral) principle. This blog explains the why. Wonder if anyone at school ever had doubt on the English meaning of ‘tolerant’ !


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