Confused. What is Life?

This a question that confuses a lot of people.

‘What is life?’

The same question haunts and confuses me for the past several days. I feel as if my brain get whisked when I think about it. Ignorant and numb.

As time changed a digit to my age every year, my understanding of life furthered yet differently and even contrastingly.

If a year I say ‘Hurray, I am 19’, next year I may be like, ‘Shit, I am a year closer to death’.

Moved from optimism to pessimism.

Swayed between idealism to practicality.

When some people say life is so serious I feel that is true.

When some other people say that life is in fact so silly and all people are crazy serious about life I also find that amusingly true. People always running around doing very seriously seemed funny.

A poet writes, ‘A person dies because he was born.’

Another writes in his suicide note, ‘My birth was a fatal mistake, and I shall correct it.’

The ambit they gave life were at extreme ends.

* * *

Taking up oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide is life. Making time count is also life. They say the former is called being alive and the latter, life.

But how to make time count? What is its basis of evaluation?

* * *

Scientists say life is a harmonic coordination of a few chemicals.

Meanwhile, some self-made scientists say ‘Whatever it may be, but Earth is Flat.’

Philosophers say life is a journey from birth to death.

Now, theologists clear it with an ahem that it is a journey from God and back to Him.

Psychologists bring up the term emotions with the journey.

Are emotions important in life too? Aren’t emotions beautiful but aren’t they silly as well? Why can’t silliness be beautiful?

I found anger, the silliest and ridiculous of all. It is probably the emotion that one regrets the most but still never detests from it. Small anger can cause huge disasters, that makes the case more frivolous and none realises it.šŸ˜‚

Love is probably the most beautiful of all the emotions.

I take the liberty to brand Smile, happiness, a sub-emotion of it.

But again excessive love and possessiveness can again make things vulnerable.

After a while now turning back, I feel like I lost a lot of emotions myself thinking and analysing them. Thereafter, things surprised me less. More lifeless I became in Life. Less was my heart hurt by other hearts.

* * *

Is life a colour?

Which colour then?

Is it dark as night or bright as day?

Is life something like this.


But who said dark stands for the devil? What if I say that light lies and illusions us, but black is honest and plain.

But where are the diversities emotions and perspectives of life?

Or is life like this.

A mixed bag of whole unknowns or illusions and still feel something somewhere.

* * *

Absolutely everything and anything confuses me now. I am really disturbed and cannot comprehend a middle ground. It is a struggle of perceptions.

Who is right? What is right?

Do you feel the same?

How many of you can connect with me? Can any of you give me a convincing answer?

16 thoughts on “Confused. What is Life?”

  1. Life is something which we got for nothing.
    So it’s a journey of every taste we get while we live and as we grow old..also our perceptions change, but one thing we should all remember is that to “help others” ..I believe.

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  2. It seems to me (a mere human) that questions of that magnitude should be posed upward. If one needs to reach out of a hole, it appears to look up would be the best bet. So it would appear to be with a question of this maginitude. Posing it to fellow strugglers one would only find answers in the struggle.
    Posing this question to a Higher Power would be more beneficial. If the Higher Power indeed exists, it would be only to the Power’s interest to make Himself known.

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  3. Humans seem to need to invent meanings for even the most banal things and events. When I see life at face value, I automatically receive a life of “value added”. Some of my brightest epiphanies have revealed themselves while I sat in a darkened room.


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