Fiction # 2
‘Amaan, you must behave yourself. It is not the first time you’re being caught. And this time such on a disgraceful matter. Don’t you ever feel shame?’ Mr Sanjay scolded
Amaan spoke nothing and stood stern with arms tied and absolutely no change of expression.
‘Amaan you are the most corrupt kid I’ve ever seen, Disgraceful Idiot’ continued Mr.Sanjay , the Science teacher
‘Sorry’ said Amaan in a monotonous inexpressive voice.
Why are you standing here? Go back to your place..’ said the arrogant science teacher.

Amaan returned to his place as silent as one could. Though he was in the science class, his mind was in some other haven.

‘The Percolation rate of water depends on…… ‘ Mr Sanjay continued the class .

Those words slowly faded away in the background and Amaan turned to Ahmed, who sat next to him.
‘Hey, bloody.. What an injustice it is? See… Take our case… You know exactly the same amount of things as I do.. even the so called bad stuffs.… You understand every bit of black humour probably even more than me.. Still you are praised as good, virtuous, righteous.. bla.. bla.. bla.. and me denounced as Mr. Corrupt.. disgraceful Idiot. How come bro?’
This lead to some cluster of laughter in Ahmed and when settled, he replied with a sweet smile:
‘Oh Man! The thing wrong is not you but your understanding… Look.. Knowing the bad stuffs as you said wouldn’t make one bad.. It’s the practice and obsession of it making one corrupt. And seriously you should have done that today. It was totally amoral…’
Amaan was displeased with the answer and a frown appeared which later diluted into a blank face.
Realising that Amaan wasn’t satisfied, Ahmed spoke again ‘Okay then let’s ask Dhyan, he’s a good adviser in such kind of things…. if you aren’t comfortable ’
Amaan nodded agreeably.
Ahmed explained the whole matter to Dhyan.
Dhyan thought for a while and spoke.. ‘Well.. I support Ahmed, he’s pinpointed it. And see and a person who doesn’t understand what bad and good is mere innocent and cannot be called a virtuous one, like Dan in our class. Understand?! And Amaan, leave what happened today. It is already solved don’t reopen your old chapters. and try being a new human.. a new Amaan.. ’
Amaan apprised with different sensation and a stiff determination enrolled his chubby fair face.
All then, Mr Sanjay shouted
‘ Amaaaaaan’
‘Stand Up, Ive been noticing you for a while… Don’t you have any mentality to change.. It was wrong from my part on dealing that case myself, should have sent you to the principal.’
‘Now you want to corrupt Ahmed and Dhyan too.. ‘Idiot Go meet the principal… ’
‘ Ahmed, I never expected this from you, atleast you could have told him to be quiet’ to Ahmed

Amaan didn’t say a word, he rose up. His eyes seem as red as roses, tears began rolling down his chubby face. He tried to say something but something clutched his throat.
And in a tone of regret and staccatoed voice from a stifled throat four letter were spelt …. ‘S O R R Y’ and he walked out of the class….

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