Standing on the alley under the orange sun-bright street-light beside the busy three lane highway, I felt something twinkling up in the sky. To my wonder, it was the stack of light of a half a centenary storeyed tower. I looked upon the sky but couldn’t find even a natural twinkler despite it was night.  The headlights of dashing vehicles caused a flickering glare upon the dial of my watch which displayed the hour hand at the fourth quarter.  I looked upon the sky just to see a blank black stretch compressed in between some high raise scrapers. The moon was nowhere to be seen in that narrow ambit, it chose to hid away behind.  The dust and smoke made me cough. I realised that it was the same dusty presence up there in the sky which evaded us away from those godly wonders.

The night-sky has lost its beauty. The sublimity which transformed its admirers into poets and astronomers, which helped mothers pacify their young ones was lost. 


19 thoughts on “The NIGHT-SKY”

  1. Beautiful portrait of our major problem,the need to enjoy the beauty of nature before it is too late thank you for such a thoughtful post

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