Substitute for Election Symbols

Party symbols were instituted at a time when a really good population of the world was illiterate. Its major theme was to make sure that illiterate people also vote and take decisions. Symbols also began to represent the ideologies for which a party stood for. It also became emotionally attached to voters. But now, the… Continue reading Substitute for Election Symbols

‘The number you have dialled is invalid, please check the number you have dialled.’

I never knew that even a voice prompt after misdialing a number can make you happy. I lost the instinct to cut the call before the voice completes its first syllable. * * * This is what happens when you are far from home and in a place with totally different language and culture. Hearing… Continue reading ‘The number you have dialled is invalid, please check the number you have dialled.’

Confused. What is Life?

This a question that confuses a lot of people. 'What is life?' The same question haunts and confuses me for the past several days. I feel as if my brain get whisked when I think about it. Ignorant and numb. As time changed a digit to my age every year, my understanding of life furthered… Continue reading Confused. What is Life?

How many of you are lazy?

How many of you are lazy? When asked such a question, the reaction is almost the same among people.🤷 Almost everyone agrees happily that they are lazy. Why is that so? 🤔 Are all of them really lazy? Are all the people around us lazy? I think it is a matter of perspectives. To a… Continue reading How many of you are lazy?

What Sabarimala issue is getting Kerala into.

The Supreme Court of India struck down a rule banning the entry of women between the ages of 10 and 50 into the temple of Sabarimala in Kerala. This verdict, however, received mixed responses from the people. Some people including women strongly criticised this verdict. They exclaimed that their religious sentiments would be hurt as… Continue reading What Sabarimala issue is getting Kerala into.