Spectacled young old man.

I was in an odd depressed mood of no reason I could find. Maybe quite upset as well. A sudden lack of words and emotional blockage. A usual phenomenon seen in some snobbish two legged mammals. I too was caught with it. Couldn't get rid of that. Soon enough, I saw this smiling spectacled young … Continue reading Spectacled young old man.


What is wrong with Indian education system?

I asked my kindergarten going brother, randomly a few questions. Out of which a question was ‘How are you ?’ He said firmly, ‘Fine, Thank You’ without a blink. അങ്ങനെ വെച്ചാൽ എന്താ? , I asked him next in our mother tongue, malayalam. (Translation: What does that mean? ) He replied again innocently, much slower this … Continue reading What is wrong with Indian education system?