The Indo-Pak Express

One a bitter August midnight, two brothers parted ways to remain in hostility for years to come. They fought each other to nab the paradise on Earth, Kashmir. They built missiles and nuclear weapons to swank each others’ might.  Basically very simple ego clashes lead to intense strife among these countries demarcated by a Radcliffe line.

In 2007, the Samjauhta Express, commonly called Friend Express was bombed at the old Panipat. The land which saw of the death of Mughal, Lodhi, Hemu and Marathan soldiers also had the ill-fate to view the tragic death of innocent half a century pakistani lives.

The same year, inspite of all these, the Indo-Pakistan Express started their journey in Banglore at King Fisher Airlines Tennis Open.   The Rohan Bopanna of India & Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi of Pakistan pair. But they bowed out in the final. They were met with excitement from all quarters. Friendship among rivals do exists, they said!

But they had to wait another 3 years for a title to their name. That was at SA Tennis Open, Johannesburg.

This win was just a few days after the fire exchange and cease fire violation  across Line of Control (LoC). This naturally further estranged the far estranged relationship.

But this didn’t keep Bopanna & Qureshi away. Their friendship just grew along with that their game improved match by match. They peaked to rank 6. Their friendship is became extensively appreciated and well known by then. They became a symbol of brotherhood.

On the eve of 10th September 2010  when India & Pakistan hotly debated the death sentence verdict of Ajmal Kasab (the prime accused the Mumbai blasts), they secured all rights to dream of a US Open Grand Slam trophy as semi-final winners. But history wasn’t noted down the way they wanted. They had to settle with a runners up trophy.

Nevertheless, the world appraised them. The T-shirt they wore during one of the US Open match was thought provoking. It was a strong message by these gentlemen to their respective motherlands. They displayed a model to not just about 20%population of the world living in India & Pakistan, but also to the entire world. They once again proves that friendship is borderless! Then this Indo-Pak express cruised on conveying the ideals of friendship.

Let a day come when India and Pakistan reunite!

(They later went on to win a couple of 250 series and a master’s. In 2012, though they chose to play with dfferent partners, their friendship remained intact.)



Jai Hind!

What I am going to share is my concern.

Recently, one of my friends (a hardcore RSS supporter) sent a video of an interview with a retired high court judge. He was trying to justify the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh , a rightwing organisation well known for their ethnocentric views and activities, also a major ally of the ruling party in India now). He said that no court in India has proved their guilt in the assassination of the Mahatma… Mahatma Gandhi. So it was wrong to blame them.

Yes, to an extend he is right… The major conspirator was the hindumahasabha the parent association of RSS.Though RSS had threatened to do the same and even distributes sweets to ‘celebrate’ when light had gone out of our lives. Even Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the iron man of India ( the one who was instrumental in lifting the ban on RSS and hence highly praised by the RSS and the BJP) accepted the authenticity of this action.

When I asked him the same, he replied that they were only indulged in distributing sweets but were innocent.

Yes, I agree they do are innocent. But will you ever distribute sweets for the death of a member from your family?
He had no reply. Even after much contemplation, he was not ready to accept that they were wrong.  Between this he even called me an anti-national, i still don’t  understand the logic behind that. See RSS was a troup who were hindunationals..They fought for the solidarity of Hindu community and ever wished to set up india as a hindu nation. They were against the notions of Gandhi and sought to support the British in many policies. They resisted their the cal to act againsts the british.  And they were nationals? ?

This is how the RSS works. They kill the rational part in humans and teach them to grasp everything as it is. They teach people not to think or rethink. A accept what we say’ ideology. They train young ones and fill them with partisan thoughts. They implant a lens which can differentiate people on the basis of caste.

Why does a huge majority of the intellectuals, thinkers, writers and such brains end up at a position away from them or oppose their ideas?

Let us be back to the point. RSS were innocent, but one cannot disagree that they were ill-wishers. They wanted to see Gandhi dead. The hindumahasabha even erected statues of Nathuram Godse (assasinator of Gandhiji) and sought to built temples in his name. Dont mistake it to have occured years ago, this incident happened just over some 400 days ago.

They threaten the ones who oppose them..  The current ruling party is no exception. They reckon the ones who oppose them as antinationals…  That is their main agenda for growth. They grew themselves by weakening the opposition. They never answer the questions of the opposition, but rather insult them. But the poor Indians doesn’t understand this. The uncritical acceptance had worked so far. It is said that a group of people were appointed in social medias just to degrade and insult the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. Such a terrible attitude. They are sticking on the ideal that ‘goal is more important than how you get there’. But now the things have begun to backstab. Even prominent BJP leaders like Yashwant Sinha, Subrahmanian Swamy has criticised the government policies. They people have begun to understand that they are not just worthless but harmful too.

Recently our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi uttered the name of the father of the nation ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ erroneously as ‘”Mohanlal” Karamchand Gandhi’. Can it simply be ignored as a tongue slip? He pronounces Swachh Bharat ( a programme to clean up india touted as a birthday gift to mahatmaji on his one and a half centennial birthday. Such an irony!) much clearly…

Now the BJP government has decided to confer Shri Madan Mohan Malaviya who passed away in 1946 with a Bharat Ratna (India’s highest civillian honour). It was as if they were in search of an idol and finally found one. Madam Mohan was the founder of the hindumahasabha! He was moreover a hindu-national. There it goes!
Yes, it will be too narrow to confer Gandhiji with a Bharat Ratna. And now truely Bharat Ratna doesn’t deserve Gandhi.

Hey Ram!

But did indians really deserve Gandhiji?


(Another view of a PTA at a different space.. different time.. most importantly… different emotion….)

I recently came over a few year old piece of news regarding the former prime minister and current president of the old ottoman.. Turkey..

PTA meeting was announced in a school and a little boy was distressed.. The issue was that he was an orphan.. His teacher tried to console him and finally  asked whom he wanted to come with him as his Guardian instead. He answered the name of Mr Erdogan..

His teacher though without much hope wrote up a letter regarding the matter and wrote to Mr Erdogan with the details about the event.

On the day of the meeting, at sharp time, Mr Erdogan himself appeared, slashing away all the other works to accompany that young lonely man. Seeing the young boy cry hard of joy, Mr Erdogan the humble human in him couldn’t resist emotions and he too shed tears..  All the spectators joined them.. It was indeed a wet day.

True that it couldn’t stitch his unfortunate fate. But atleast a day for him to cherish..and to make him believe that he wasn’t alone..

Whether it was a deed to garner attention or not, whatever it maybe what he simply did was so worth and accountable. This is the quality that makes one the guardian of the people..the guardian of the country… Everyone matters! Everything matters equally!

All the best young man!

& Erdogan sir, A huge salute!

Silly Nonsense Returns 😉

28 / 09 / 2017 Thursday

[This one may sound silly because it actually is silly. We all love peeping into others personal affairs… especially dedicated to them.. .. A typical indian’s indian piece of humour..]


Today was the Parent-Teacher meeting at my school. Being frank.. To me.. My performance in the previous exam was not that good and hence was a bit tensed…  maybe a bit too much .. 😛

We have a new principal this year, so the event was programmed quite differently and was well organized. So we had to collect tokens and we had to meet the class teacher accordingly. Hearing this, one among suggested that they could collect some amount for the token and squeeze more profit.. But it was absolutely free of cost 😛 .. (wow! Atleast that)

Token no 16 was mine.

Now I sat with my Umma (as I call my mother) in my classroom waiting for our turn and then Anupam (our  6’1 tall class leader) came to me, kneeled down and murmured that it was better if I would wait outside as there wasn’t enough space for the parents to sit. 😛 (It wasn’t as organized as thought to be)

From one end I could hear my dear friend Martin (a maniac) being fired by our classteacher

I gladly kept my back at a corner at came out. And a gang of my friends were already. Now we all stood there outside like husbands waiting for the birth of their child outside the labour room.  So tensed.. mixed emotions..  :P.  We walked from one end to the other thinking of a multitude of things(atleast I). Once in a while a joke was cracked..…  good ones appreciated rest degraded..

Now as death sentenced criminals waiting for his loop of rope at the death hour, we began to disappear one by one.. turn by turn…

Indrajith was out after meeting … A strange ‘ganjatic  smile (couldn’t find a better apt word..  :P) appeared on his smile.  He was truely out of the order and he needed some quick maintenance.  😀

Joseph arrived..  introduced me to his mother and mumbled an advice in my ears..  ‘ Don’t ever meet  Manju teacher…  She almost killed me..huh..’  

From the other side Siddharth was seen with his mom. She was just as funny and talkative just like him. As they smiled at us, Ganapathy ( the seemingly simply but most notorious one among us)  interceded and said ‘ Aunty, Jinto sir had told that he wanted to meet Siddharth’s parent.’ Siddharth was so arrogant hearing this but he couldn’t say anything but keep grudging at him.

Next  I saw Meenakshi waving from the other class. She wanted to convey something. She tried so hard to make me understand and finally took a book, then I remembered that I had promised to read her short story.. She wanted me to read it now..  What a creature? 😠

Now as I was talking with Chess (nicknamed as Chess, the one who boasted that he had even bet Magnus Carlsen in a match,.. don’t think if anyone ever knows his actual name ), I saw my classmate Lina (one among the twin.. or the carbon copies as I once  addressed them) staring at me with a sudden change in expression to that of amazement with her hand upon chin. I was wondering why was she looking at me like that. But just then as I heard another voice from behind , the real heir to those reactions  . So was it my fate today to be befooled by any bystander as simply as that?. Pathetic..huh..pathetic..

Quite a while later the whole scene was calm. Most of them gaping down, onto the floor like it was a funeral , nothing to talk. All mourning. couple of wet eyes here are there…   Then I saw token number 13 being out after the meet. As mine was almost near, I entered my classroom. I could see those carbon copies talking with another similarly dressed girl.. I guess she was that same ‘silly’ heir … What was she doing here?

Another friend Aby entered the room too with another trademark satiated smile. Replied with the same smile and I kept mum.  It was quite nice to see a number of familiar faces with some very resembling ones along with them, with almost the same mannerisms. As my mind voyaged into similar atmosphere of a 5 year old memory and processed further recollecting them.  Thankfully, my processor was good at retrieving history and bookmarks, though it was not responding soon after…  

All then, my number was called…  


Oh! Then what happened next…


Let that secret die with me! 😛 (isn’t it silly… just wanted to try something different.. the crazy side of me acted here.. sorry if I disappointed you!)

Uncritical Acceptance! Why ?

Yesterday was the teachers’ day. It is celebrated after the great Guru Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday.

He once said that ‘The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves’ 

Today I came over an article today regarding a quite contradictory speech by Shri. Mahesh Sharma, the  Minister of Culture. It said ‘’ We must pledge today that we will not analyze three things …first, our gods, Ishwar, Allah, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ. Second, our parents who birthed us and the third, our gurus, or our teachers’’. He said that they must be uncritically accepted.

Later displaying a pen, Mr Sharma said “ If I ask you what a pen is made of, you can take it off to a lab, crush it at say steel, plastic etc.. but can you imagine breaking you parents, Gods and teachers? They have to be accepted as they are’’

I found this odd, that too from a minister who is also a physician. This is the reason why robber’s son becomes a robber or a Maoist group still exists. Every thought, every interpretation must be critically analyzed, before taking a decision, whoever it may be. Only then will an authentic society be in place. Moreover, it is a part of developing questioning temperament, which is the very ideal of a democracy. This in a way is injecting in the saps of gullibility and retracting the essence of reasoning.

To find what a pen is made of, why can’t you simply unwind the knob and check it out, similarly you can identify what a man is made of. A measure of a person is not his flesh but his thoughts, i.e his soul, that’s the measure of humanness and not silly breaking, crushing, hurting stuffs, simply talking to them is enough. Why does he ever think of destruction here?  

How did the Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama become a specially designated global terrorist?  What if they had critically responded? So if he had analysed he could have been a better man.

We deeply disapprove the major terrorist groups as they are called, like ISIS, AlQaeda etc. What they teach is that terrorism and they still flourish due to this system. So corrupted teachers must never be accepted.

Some religions promoted discrimination such as untouchability, and it was uncritically accepted and probably still perseveres in many parts of the world. Protests were depressed. Hence in such a situation we have the right to critic even the God if needed.

Such people do exist in our India & it must be our aim to rule them out.Even in minute quarters they can be vicious.

And after some research I realized that it was not the first time he has made such statements.

1.On night out for girls was not part of Indian culture.

“(It) may be all right elsewhere but it is not part of Indian culture,” 

2. On ‘cleansing’ out history and targeting ‘Cultural pollution’ 

“We will cleanse every area of public discourse that has been westernised and where Indian culture and civilisation need to be restored — be it the history we read, our cultural heritage or our institutes that have been polluted over years,” 

3.“I don’t think Aurangzeb was an ideal person. Only a source of inspiration can be inspirational. Aurangzeb Road has been named after such a great man who, despite being a Muslim, was a nationalist and a humanist, A P J Abdul Kalam. The road has been named after him” 

4.“Gita and Ramayana reflect India’s soul. But we also respect Quran and would include best thoughts from it. I respect Bible and Quran but they are not central to soul of India in the way as Gita and Ramayana are. As India’s cultural minister, I recommend that Ramayana and Gita should be part of our school curriculum and I am working extensively with HRD Minister Smriti Irani towards this,”  

5. “From time to time, we receive directions from the party high command about commenting on political issues. I do not cross boundaries drawn by the high command.”  

Probably the 5th statement explains it all!

Now I realise that my believe that education doesn’t always corresponds to acknowledgement. How can we talk of an ACHCHA DIN with such people at the helm??