Uncritical Acceptance! Why ?

Yesterday was the teachers’ day. It is celebrated after the great Guru Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday.

He once said that ‘The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves’ 

Today I came over an article today regarding a quite contradictory speech by Shri. Mahesh Sharma, the  Minister of Culture. It said ‘’ We must pledge today that we will not analyze three things …first, our gods, Ishwar, Allah, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ. Second, our parents who birthed us and the third, our gurus, or our teachers’’. He said that they must be uncritically accepted.

Later displaying a pen, Mr Sharma said “ If I ask you what a pen is made of, you can take it off to a lab, crush it at say steel, plastic etc.. but can you imagine breaking you parents, Gods and teachers? They have to be accepted as they are’’

I found this odd, that too from a minister who is also a physician. This is the reason why robber’s son becomes a robber or a Maoist group still exists. Every thought, every interpretation must be critically analyzed, before taking a decision, whoever it may be. Only then will an authentic society be in place. Moreover, it is a part of developing questioning temperament, which is the very ideal of a democracy. This in a way is injecting in the saps of gullibility and retracting the essence of reasoning.

To find what a pen is made of, why can’t you simply unwind the knob and check it out, similarly you can identify what a man is made of. A measure of a person is not his flesh but his thoughts, i.e his soul, that’s the measure of humanness and not silly breaking, crushing, hurting stuffs, simply talking to them is enough. Why does he ever think of destruction here?  

How did the Hamza bin Laden, the son of Osama become a specially designated global terrorist?  What if they had critically responded? So if he had analysed he could have been a better man.

We deeply disapprove the major terrorist groups as they are called, like ISIS, AlQaeda etc. What they teach is that terrorism and they still flourish due to this system. So corrupted teachers must never be accepted.

Some religions promoted discrimination such as untouchability, and it was uncritically accepted and probably still perseveres in many parts of the world. Protests were depressed. Hence in such a situation we have the right to critic even the God if needed.

Such people do exist in our India & it must be our aim to rule them out.Even in minute quarters they can be vicious.

And after some research I realized that it was not the first time he has made such statements.

1.On night out for girls was not part of Indian culture.

“(It) may be all right elsewhere but it is not part of Indian culture,” 

2. On ‘cleansing’ out history and targeting ‘Cultural pollution’ 

“We will cleanse every area of public discourse that has been westernised and where Indian culture and civilisation need to be restored — be it the history we read, our cultural heritage or our institutes that have been polluted over years,” 

3.“I don’t think Aurangzeb was an ideal person. Only a source of inspiration can be inspirational. Aurangzeb Road has been named after such a great man who, despite being a Muslim, was a nationalist and a humanist, A P J Abdul Kalam. The road has been named after him” 

4.“Gita and Ramayana reflect India’s soul. But we also respect Quran and would include best thoughts from it. I respect Bible and Quran but they are not central to soul of India in the way as Gita and Ramayana are. As India’s cultural minister, I recommend that Ramayana and Gita should be part of our school curriculum and I am working extensively with HRD Minister Smriti Irani towards this,”  

5. “From time to time, we receive directions from the party high command about commenting on political issues. I do not cross boundaries drawn by the high command.”  

Probably the 5th statement explains it all!

Now I realise that my believe that education doesn’t always corresponds to acknowledgement. How can we talk of an ACHCHA DIN with such people at the helm??


5 thoughts on “Uncritical Acceptance! Why ?”

  1. It is not until they realise that it is in being critical of others that it is an extension of the criticism they have of themselves. Once they understand those fears within themselves, those judgement’s will no longer matter.
    They will finally ‘see’ and understand that it is that very path that we all must travel to realise self and become that place you speak of…a perfect world from the love we now give ourselves, no longer blocking it from the walls we had built to block the pain of those fears.

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    1. thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting… being honest I didn’t actually understand every bit that you just said… but of what I gathered, I do feel u r right and realising ourselves is such a task..only few r able to do that…

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      1. Keep being honest with yourself like that last comment, and half your journey is over. And in fact, we all are able to achieve that realisation within us by finding that truth, it is there waiting for us all.
        It is because we spend most of our time trying to live up to our, and others expectations, trying to not be rejected by others that hold us in a lie. We spend our lives avoiding our fears (which is normal thing to do because we don’t wish to be hurt), but it is in fact when we finally face those fears that we realise the lie that has held us for many, many years. Face the fears, understand why we put them in place…and then you are free to live that happiness that we spend our lives seeking.
        That will give us an understanding of our journey, and because of how difficult it has been, we then really appreciate what it has taken to reach that love within. That is the self awareness we seek, and why we are here.
        Just remember it is the journey, not the destination. When we face our fears, the self love will find us, because the very act of facing our fears, is being loving to ourselves, instead of holding those thoughts that go with the fear of ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t do this’.
        Just take your time my friend, it all comes when it is ready. Accept that as you learn to accept the truth of who you are within 😀

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