Spectacled young old man.

I was in an odd depressed mood of no reason I could find. Maybe quite upset as well. A sudden lack of words and emotional blockage. A usual phenomenon seen in some snobbish two legged mammals.

I too was caught with it. Couldn’t get rid of that.

Soon enough, I saw this smiling spectacled young old man.



In an impulse, I felt much better. Everything was fine. That calmed me down. The serenity in just his presence was too much.

This old man is a superman!

This is Gandhiji to me now!

* * *

This experience reminded me of a scene from a few decade old regional language movie.

This scene depicts a police station where two friends are accused for a case, of which genuinely they are innocent. They get not so good treatment from the police officers and get much nervous. One of them stares at the lock-up room and points it to the other friend. Both faces dip in sorrow and worry. While the other now finds a framed picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the wall.

They both look at it and feel calm and confident.

Now this is Gandhiji to them!

All this makes Gandhiji to India!



25 thoughts on “Spectacled young old man.”

  1. His influence did not uniformly apply, even in his lifetime, due to conflicts with Mohammed Ali Jinnah and with some of the more conservative Hindus, especially the wealthy swami who ordered Gandhi’s assassination. Nonetheless, like King, Mandela and our own day’s Malala Yousafzai, Gandhi is a mortal, whose better angels can offer us a wealth of guidance.

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    1. Yeah. I agree.
      Odd one outs are present everywhere.
      Regarding such statements Gandhi once said, if his death would solve the issues, he would happily face death, but that would only lead to more violence.
      A very huge majority admired and believed in him. Many even while having difference of opinions with him highly respected him.
      I cannot identify a complete Gandhi in them. Mandela comes the closest.

      Sadly now it seems like a trend to degrade and suppress Gandhi more than ever!

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      1. We live in an age when bursting bubbles is in vogue. To me, though, there is a huge difference between recognizing someone’s imperfect state and castigating his entire being. Americans tend to be the most exacting of people, when it comes to historical figures and their flaws.

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        1. True!
          To Indians, attachment to Gandhi is emotional. Often, they forget his flaws. Yes. See, Gandhiji has now turned into a symbol which varies time to time or person to person. And that was what I discussed, rest is whole another story.

          According to my opinion, no doubt Gandhiji wasn’t perfect. My point is he was much more perfect than others. Maybe it is because, I do not know a person better than Gandhiji.

          And I have not seen anything bad due to this Gandhi = perfect mentality. It has brought in more good than bad. It was the binding force during the colonial era!

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  2. Great post.. loved your post name.. indeed his eyes throw an extra ordinary youthful vigour, along with his compassionate smile of an older person.. my salutes to this great soul too.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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