Silly Nonsense #3

(This has few fictious elements too.. Not purely experience as the previous ones and not really nonsense either..but yes.. Silly it is)


‘30 minutes more’ announced the exam invigilator.

I felt much relaxed hearing that. I was sure that I could finish the English language exam well before hand. As I couldn’t complete the previous examination, I was a bit more cautious this time. I stretched my arms and read the second last question.

How did his invisibility prove to be a handicap for the Invisible Man?

Reading this a gush of thoughts evolved in my mind.

Dogs could smell him…..People stepped on him while in the crowd…..  He had to suffer severe winter as any dress would make him visible…….

This made me burst into laughter.  The person next to me frowned at me through her scarf.

Why didn’t that logic arise yet? If the invisible man or Griffin was so intelligent why didn’t he simply make the dress invisible too.  And its cotton with which the invisible man successfully conducted his first experiment. 

While thinking upon it I could hear a round of song rehearsals from outside the window which was now almost a refrain, hearing it during every exam day. As Christmas was nearing, I assumed that it was for the Christmas Celebrations. But I strangely recognized that now the song was a lot better and they had improved a great deal. It was truly ridiculous on the first day. I could sense that transition while looking back at the past days, though my situation in the hall was almost the same each day. Time was such an interesting idea. Time is all what that makes differences. Frankly, I was not really good at utilising time well either. Really felt impressed by that thought.

Then suddenly these thoughts were interrupted by an announcement.

‘Stop Writing. Notice for the students. All students are supposed to wear either red or white dress for the Christmas celebration tomorrow.  Students without ID card wouldn’t be allowed to write the exam.’

In the midst of it, I could see Amritha with a neat tilaka upon her forehead writing so fiercely in short breaks squinting the teacher.   Surprisingly, Abel was fast asleep on my extreme right. He has completed the exam I guess.

‘15minutes more…’ another announcement

I was alerted by it. I wouldn’t be able to complete it if didn’t grasp speed back again. Leaving all the crazy thoughts I again got immersed in writing the exam.  



23 thoughts on “Silly Nonsense #3”

    1. Being honest, though such awards are encouraging, I do not find it really worth it. Please understand it in the right sense. If at any time my this understanding gets a change, I will be gladly posting this.
      Once again I express my gratitude!

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    1. Wow! So ridiculous, right?
      I did reasearch a bit on it.
      Some say, it was an error from the author’s part.
      Others say that, Griffin later didn’t get the apparatus or time required to make his dress invisible.


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