Jai Hind!

What I am going to share is my concern.

Recently, one of my friends (a hardcore RSS supporter) sent a video of an interview with a retired high court judge. He was trying to justify the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh , a rightwing organisation well known for their ethnocentric views and activities, also a major ally of the ruling party in India now). He said that no court in India has proved their guilt in the assassination of the Mahatma… Mahatma Gandhi. So it was wrong to blame them.

Yes, to an extend he is right… The major conspirator was the hindumahasabha the parent association of RSS.Though RSS had threatened to do the same and even distributes sweets to ‘celebrate’ when light had gone out of our lives. Even Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the iron man of India ( the one who was instrumental in lifting the ban on RSS and hence highly praised by the RSS and the BJP) accepted the authenticity of this action.

When I asked him the same, he replied that they were only indulged in distributing sweets but were innocent.

Yes, I agree they do are innocent. But will you ever distribute sweets for the death of a member from your family?
He had no reply. Even after much contemplation, he was not ready to accept that they were wrong. Between this he even called me an anti-national, i still don’t understand the logic behind that. See RSS was a troup who were hindunationals..They fought for the solidarity of Hindu community and ever wished to set up india as a hindu nation. They were against the notions of Gandhi and sought to support the British in many policies. They resisted their the cal to act againsts the british. And they were nationals? ?

This is how the RSS works. They kill the rational part in humans and teach them to grasp everything as it is. They teach people not to think or rethink. A accept what we say’ ideology. They train young ones and fill them with partisan thoughts. They implant a lens which can differentiate people on the basis of caste.

Why does a huge majority of the intellectuals, thinkers, writers and such brains end up at a position away from them or oppose their ideas?

Let us be back to the point. RSS were innocent, but one cannot disagree that they were ill-wishers. They wanted to see Gandhi dead. The hindumahasabha even erected statues of Nathuram Godse (assasinator of Gandhiji) and sought to built temples in his name. Dont mistake it to have occured years ago, this incident happened just over some 400 days ago.

They threaten the ones who oppose them.. The current ruling party is no exception. They reckon the ones who oppose them as antinationals… That is their main agenda for growth. They grew themselves by weakening the opposition. They never answer the questions of the opposition, but rather insult them. But the poor Indians doesn’t understand this. The uncritical acceptance had worked so far. It is said that a group of people were appointed in social medias just to degrade and insult the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. Such a terrible attitude. They are sticking on the ideal that ‘goal is more important than how you get there’. But now the things have begun to backstab. Even prominent BJP leaders like Yashwant Sinha, Subrahmanian Swamy has criticised the government policies. They people have begun to understand that they are not just worthless but harmful too.

Recently our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi uttered the name of the father of the nation ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’ erroneously as ‘”Mohanlal” Karamchand Gandhi’. Can it simply be ignored as a tongue slip? He pronounces Swachh Bharat ( a programme to clean up india touted as a birthday gift to mahatmaji on his one and a half centennial birthday. Such an irony!) much clearly…

Now the BJP government has decided to confer Shri Madan Mohan Malaviya who passed away in 1946 with a Bharat Ratna (India’s highest civillian honour). It was as if they were in search of an idol and finally found one. Madam Mohan was the founder of the hindumahasabha! He was moreover a hindu-national. There it goes!
Yes, it will be too narrow to confer Gandhiji with a Bharat Ratna. And now truely Bharat Ratna doesn’t deserve Gandhi.

But the question is whether the indians really deserve Gandhiji?

Hey Ram!

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  1. Thank you for giving some historical background and social context. We hear a lot about Modi in the US, but not at this level of detail.

    > They are sticking on the ideal that ‘goal is more important than how you get there’.

    As far as I know, the goal is never more important than how you get there. The goal is certainly equally important, but the “how you get there” marks the difference between men and monsters.

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    1. I respect gandhi a lot, but if you see the cons of rss, why do you ignore the flaws in gandhi? He played a great role in uniting India, I doubt if some other man could have done that, but is it not enough for you that he is called the father of the nation and appears on every currency note? And as regards our respectable PM Mr. Modi, I don’t think criticising is him is a good thing. He is our prime minister and we must respect him. We can critique him, but never criticise him. The things he has done for India are equivalent to what gandhi did. Building a good powerful image of a nation that is weak in actuality (thanks to the long rule of Congress) is not an easy task.
      We are now seen on world stage just because of Modi. Every child in US knows the name of Modi, but not of our previous Congress prime ministers just because they were too busy making money for themselves

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      1. The flaws in Gandhiji were that minimal.. Also his development into a mahatma is to be noted. The early Gandhi was much different from the later. that is why he is called Mahatma… next.. I do respect Mr Modi as the PM of a great nation and not for his personality… If I feel I strongly feel that one isnt right and can prove it to another one, I am prone to criticise.. An other main reason here is that fact that the same Mr Modi used the same strategy to built himself.. Even now he follows the same.. Look upon his highly insulting replies in the past… Shouldn’t a PM be more dignified.. (eg… like when he said all nri’s felt ashamed to reveal that they were indians until BJP came into power)..Why should I respect him more than that? Look over his previous history of hate speeches… His current silence on many prominent issues… He is a kind of an event manager as Mr Raj Thackeray said… Modiji has given more importance to publicity.. that is why he is popular.. and not due to his good works… thats the difference between Gandhiji and Modiji.. Gandhi became an icon naturally due to his character….and never aspired for popularity… Modiji is self building a popularity but without much merits…. I wonder how did you come to the conclusion of equity between Gandhiji’s and Modiji’s work?

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        1. You seem to be so oblivious of economics, my friend. I would highly recommend you to read a few good economics books, so that you could get an idea what it takes to make a big nation like India work…. And what is Modi’s contribution in it.
          I do not like any political party, be it BJP or Congress, but I have in my heart huge respect for Mr Modi just because of the hard work he is putting day and night to make India a great nation.

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            1. but… on economics….. what has he brought in? demonetisation & gst? demonetisation is now already accepted as a failure as 99% of money returned with foreign Indian money yet to be analysed…. now GST… it is certainly a good move.. but how can you attribute that to Mr Modi as it was initiated by previous government… the one nation one tax is now 3 taxes?…. just visit a nearby shop and ask just how were the affected by these policies and about sudden fluctuations in rates without prior notice…. why is the petrol prices on hike when it is internationally on a downfall? of course the petrol prices will adverse affect all other sectors… unemployment is more prevalent than the previous regimes and the middle and lower level businesses were diminishing after the 3 years of rule… which independent pivotal policy does Modiji has to speak about, to be praised like that… (something like 1991 or at least 1997 dream budget)
              finally it was only today an independent good move was introduced. .recapitalisation…. when the global economy was on intense recession… even the Greek economy fell.. but India still managed to cling on… but when as the world economy is much better now, still there is no signs of such a giant leap… then what has actually Mr Modi contributed?

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        2. And definitely, you must not know anything about gandhi’s life. It would be too outrageous for me to reveal anything here, it would be much good if you go explore yourself 🙂

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          1. when I look upon Gandhi’s life consider the late parts… next, I have heard of some revelations by his son Harilal.. and once in a while few other articles, pictures … but the authenticity is very poor… Then some ignorant irrelevant justification speech by Godse. now what is that you feel that makes Gandhiji is equal to modiji..?

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        3. The truth is that none of us are aware of the truth. All of us are influenced by different personalities and sub-consciously take up their ideologies. I think the relationship between a government and its people should be only based on trust and confidence. Factors such as caste, religion, state or even the actions of the past can’t be considered. What matters to me is that my country gets a deserving and good leader who can uplift his/her people. Only this is what should be the criteria. Mistakes are inevitable, and should be ignored. I’m sure most of our leaders have committed mistakes while giving speeches. We are Indians, that is our foremost identity, problems arise when we give our identity as an Indian a backseat and consider ourselves to be Hindus, Muslims, Shudras, Kshatriyas or anything else first. I think our current situation matters more than the historical background of a political party.


  2. Your English is excellent. On the off-chance that you’re interested in differences between American English and other Englishes, here is a small comment on vocabulary choices:

    > a rightwing organisation well known for their communal views and activities

    > They train young ones and fill them with communal thoughts.

    I’m guessing that you’re using “communal” in a negative sense here, similar to the way that it is used in French (my second language). In this context, I take it to describe something that is about the identity of a community, as distinct from and exclusive of the rest of the nation, and hence something bad. That’s the way that this would be understood in France, where the word would be something like “community” or “communitarian,” which are typically not good words in a French context, where there is a high value placed on complete equality and mutual aid and identity (“fraternité”) and where one’s French identity is expected to be one’s primary identity, and preferably one’s ONLY identity. (This attitude has its origins in the revolution of 1789–it’s a long and complicated story.)

    In American English, “communal” means something like “shared.” For example, in my lab we have a “communal microwave,” we have a “communal bathroom” that is shared by students and faculty alike, and a “communal domain name” that is shared between my campus and another. “Community” or “communitarian” are typically good words in an American context, where it is considered both normal and good to maintain one’s ethnic identity (typically a matter of national origin–we are all immigrants in the US) IN ADDITION TO one’s identity as an American.

    For the sentences in which you’ve used “communal,” an American English exact equivalent is tough to find, but a good one would be “ethnocentric.” Here’s a definition of “ethnocentric” from Merriam-Webster:

    > characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior

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  3. Wow. Very good thoughts. Please continue to write and express your thoughts and feelings with boldness. When you look at the hostory of RSS and Sanghpariwar, the books wrote by Golwarker, we can see how he brong hatred in people’s mind. At the time of Freedom fights, his organization ( RSS and Hindu mahasabha) were supporting British.

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    1. I do disagree with him in some of his political decisions and policies… yes.. but whatever it maybe his character and his views really deserve that respect.. like how Bose felt about yes i feel Gandhiji was practically rational and that was the reason why godse killed him! what do you mean by phrasing ‘political blunder by indians’?

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  4. I learned a lot by reading this post. I see so many parallels between what you are saying and what is occurring in the United States. My wonderful daughter-in-law is from India. Her family is a delight. They are practicing Muslims, while my daughter in law decided to leave the Muslim faith. My son was almost in tears a few years ago when he told me she was Muslim – tears because of how all Muslims were being disparaged by some people in the United States. I felt deeply saddened the next few days. Saddened that the United States was allowing fear, hate, and ignorance to make policies and laws. I had never experienced something like this – mourning for another and how far right the U.S. was becoming.

    I believe that more deaths have occurred in our world because of staunch religious beliefs and an intolerance for those who are different – race, ethnicity, beliefs, place in society, and the list goes on. I try not to use the current U.S. president’s name in the same sentence as president. He is, and will never be, my president. At least I live in a country in which I can say that – for now.

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    1. Being an American myself you have said exactly what I would have written. It now April 2018 and it is getting worse each passing day with our current government and president who thinks he is a dictator and rule of law does not apply to him in any way. Bombing Syria without consensus is what dictators do. His childish rants and taking direction for national security from Fox News is leading us into disaster — and people are blindly following him. Will we survive intact? It seems that political dishonesty for the purpose of grabbing power is happening all over the world. The needs and desires of the people don’t matter.

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      1. Bombing Syria Is A Bad Thing Unless Syrians Bombed New York Like There Taliban Brothers Did In 2011. Prevention Is Better Than Cure & As Far as I Think Gandhi Wasn’t an American


  5. Why Rationality Belongs To A Class Of Certain People.Whose Father Was Gandhi. He Was An Idiot Politician. One Don’t Need To Be Affiliated To RSS To Understand This. He Was Only Nehruvian Brigade’s Father That’s Why Some Guys Think Him as National Father. He Could Be A Good Man Personally But Politically He Was a Blunder. All His Deeds Were Irrational. I Can Cite Many Examples of It But as You Already Have Decided The Sides,It Is Not Rational To Provide Any Arguments,You are Entitled To Your Views.


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