Another Flower Cut

  • Journalist Gauri Lankesh was coldbloodedly killed by some petrified men…

“You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming”

– Neruda


32 thoughts on “Another Flower Cut”

  1. Really unanticipated! I was going to write an article on Gouri Lankesh, with the same quote by Neruda! 😀Later dropped the plan due to busy schedule. Nice choice by the way👍🏾

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      1. Communism is failed for it’s impractical idealism. It considered human beings as tools for common good while human being are the beneficiaries of that common good. So what a person is , communism failed to explain such a simple and basic fundamental notion. It’s achievements are 10 million people killing

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        1. actual communism hasn’t been properly implemented yet.. as of now it is certainly impractical… a land without money…or without demarcation among people… but if applied ideally it would be great… that is why thinkers and intellectuals often tend to be communists… don’t refer all people who claimed to be communists as one.. mao and stalin followed their views of communism… that is just what I previously said… still far away from actual ideal


            1. that is pure arrogance and adamant attitude I would say… when people thought of flying centuries ago, it was something impossible, impractical,….but later it happened… I think you shouldn’t shy away from understanding the good aspects of communism….


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