How many of you are lazy?

How many of you are lazy?

When asked such a question, the reaction is almost the same among people.🀷

Almost everyone agrees happily that they are lazy.

Why is that so? πŸ€”

Are all of them really lazy? Are all the people around us lazy?

I think it is a matter of perspectives.

To a person who wakes up by the 5th consecutive alarm, may find the person who wakes up by the 3rd alarm enthusiastic. Actually, he is less lazy.

Then what about that ‘5 minutes more’ person who sets a single alarm and regularly oversleeps.

He is at least planning to wake up on the first and only alarm, while the multiple alarm people have already planned to fail.

And none is happy with their present state and utilisation of time. That is the crux. Make each day count a single more useful second than the previous day.

People who feel they are not lazy please drop a comment.

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