(Another view of a PTA at a different space.. different time.. most importantly… different emotion….)

I recently came over a few year old piece of news regarding the former prime minister and current president of the old ottoman.. Turkey..

PTA meeting was announced in a school and a little boy was distressed.. The issue was that he was an orphan.. His teacher tried to console him and finally  asked whom he wanted to come with him as his Guardian instead. He answered the name of Mr Erdogan..

His teacher though without much hope wrote up a letter regarding the matter and wrote to Mr Erdogan with the details about the event.

On the day of the meeting, at sharp time, Mr Erdogan himself appeared, slashing away all the other works to accompany that young lonely man. Seeing the young boy cry hard of joy, Mr Erdogan the humble human in him couldn’t resist emotions and he too shed tears..  All the spectators joined them.. It was indeed a wet day.

True that it couldn’t stitch his unfortunate fate. But atleast a day for him to cherish..and to make him believe that he wasn’t alone..

Whether it was a deed to garner attention or not, whatever it maybe what he simply did was so worth and accountable. This is the quality that makes one the guardian of the people..the guardian of the country… Everyone matters! Everything matters equally!

All the best young man!

& Erdogan sir, A huge salute!

33 thoughts on “Guardian!”

  1. Oh dear.firstly you are welcome on my blog.wonderful written about your guadian MR.ERDOGAN.really He is most kind guardian of you n your country.i salute him.He is unique person and inspiration for all world.say my respectful regard to HIM.

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    1. Hehe.. Thank you.. And a clarification.. I’m very proud Indian.. I’ve never been to turkey either.. I love Euphrates a lot.. Due to its geography and rich history..


  2. This was beautiful! People willing to take the time to show another human being that they are not alone and that their existence matters is something the world needs more of. I love this! And thank you so much for following me earlier! It is much appreciated! ☺️

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  3. Regardless of political position, never accept merely what is better than what came before because those leaders have been worse — always seek out what you want to be and can be as a nation. Always climb upward…(Just look at what the U.S. is gonna have to climb over!)

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  5. Euphrates, I am deeply touched by this story….and join in getting tear eyed.
    It shows yet again that showing care and love builds bridges, opens hearts.
    Stronger than any other.
    Thank you also for your follow of my blog, you are most welcome.

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