The First Citizen of India

When Shri Ram Nath Kovind filed his nomination for the post of first citizen of India in 2017 backed by the ruling NDA coalition, it took India by suprise. When the expected candidates were some hard core right wing leaders like L K Advani, Murali Manohar Joshy, the BJP played a master political stroke by placing quite a low profile dalit personality to post and hence countering the arguments that they were anti-minorities. He soon began to be regarded as the Pratibha Patil (Former president who excercised nominal powers and was humiliated a rubberstamp president) of NDA.With Shri Ramnath Kovind in office for less than a year its yet to confirm on that premonition.

He with great alacrity approved the disqualification of 20 Members of Legislative Assembly of Delhi(for holding office of profit which is common among many MLA’s of different parties, and this move was later reverted by the court) who are from the Aam Aadmi Party which is a major critic of the ruling NDA.
He made statements in Karnataka praising the 18th century king Tipu Sultan a patriot who fought the british, turning much of the the NDA members red faced as they were recently in a notion to pin Tipu Sultan as an antinational.

Such incidents made people confused about where his true voice lie.

But let us keep such political arguments for a while, and simply zoom and focus onto his past.
Kovind was born on 1st of October in the village of Paraukh in Uttar Pradesh as the youngest one among 7 children. It was time when India was still under the colonial administration. His father was a landless farmer and even engaged as a petty shopkeeper. He was a part of the dalit, Koli sect. This was time, the caste system was still much prominent. The caste still resonated publicly as well as in minds. Though now it has somewhat reduced to minds.
Kovind lost his mother at the age of 5 when their thatched hut caught fire. He had a pathetic childhood.
Inspite of all this he made it a point to gain proper education. He walked about 8 km each day to attend the school. A bicycle was a luxury as it remained just a dream not just for him but even for the whole village though the dalits were just in minority. But this time the conditions were better and India had gained its independence. The first Prime Minister of India, Nehru envisaged an idea for youth of the country and initiated projects to improve education. Hence his tenure saw the doubling of literacy rate and the setting up of the institutions like IITs, IIM, AIIMS which even now remains the best.
Soon he moved to Kanpur, a city on the banks of the holy river Ganga, the pride of India and graduated in Commerce and Law from the Kanpur University.
He later moved to Delhi, the age old historic city on the banks of Yamuna to prepare for the civil service examinations. Three times he tried and did secure a rank in the UPSC examination in his third attempt but was disappointed that his rank couldnt get him an IAS offic, so he decided to practise in law. He was quite successful and became an advocate at the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court in 1971
He even worked as the personal assistant to then PM, Shri Morarji Desai (who was civil servant turned politician), the only indian to receive both Nishan-e-Pakistan and Bhatat Ratna. As an advocate, Shri Kovind he played a prominent role is providing free legal aide to the weaker sections of the society.
In 1991, he joined BJP and started a political a career with two full terms in Rajya Sabha, the Upper House, then as Bihar governor and finally an illustrious shine to his profile as the president of the Gandhi’s nation.

He had to face ordeals at the begining of his career, similarly now at the begining of his presidency as well. He does have the spirit to faceoff the allegations and work well in coherence with the interest of the nation.

Lets see how wait for the future and hope that the history notes him down not as a puppet.

18 thoughts on “The First Citizen of India”

  1. Simply it is unfortunate that my Motherland India that is Bharath should be in such hands. May God bless us with more patriotic, national minded Leaders.

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