A growing concern in INDIA!

Now, in India.. there is a new tendency to jibe others by taunting them as betrayers, antinationals or Rajyadrohis.. Whenever someone protest against the government or its policies, the reply is 'Why are you supporting Pakistan? You are a rajdrohi. Exit India" When a bundle of people who complained of insecurity felt in the country...… Continue reading A growing concern in INDIA!

Colour it Saffron!

A decade of 'Rang De Basanti'(Colour it Saffron)..This mesmerising movie was released on the republic day of 2006..First of all accolades for the crew..I also express my heartfelt gratitude to all who played a part in the making of this movie   Rang de Basanti fills us with patriotism..It makes us understand of our responsibilities… Continue reading Colour it Saffron!