Why do people lie?

On the  Independence day (India) 2016, someone in my family decided to be independent.. The day that showed the success of dynamic bloods 69 long years ago.. It was non other than my brother.. A restless, crazy 'tutor'of 3 years. He independently locked himself up in the bedroom and refused to come out. 'Fighting for… Continue reading Why do people lie?

Silly Note!! Just Nonsense!!

Now I have started the habit of writing diaries again!! I’ll just type what I’ve written the last few days! Whatever it maybe this nonsense is currently helping a lot to relax and rejuvenate myself... As a companion!! 17/5/2016    TUESDAY        6:34PM Back to hostel after the weekend.  Spent 2 days at home… Studied Physics.. Watched a movie..… Continue reading Silly Note!! Just Nonsense!!