How many of you are lazy?

How many of you are lazy?

When asked such a question, the reaction is almost the same among people.🤷

Almost everyone agrees happily that they are lazy.

Why is that so? 🤔

Are all of them really lazy? Are all the people around us lazy?

I think it is a matter of perspectives.

To a person who wakes up by the 5th consecutive alarm, may find the person who wakes up by the 3rd alarm enthusiastic. Actually, he is less lazy.

Then what about that ‘5 minutes more’ person who sets a single alarm and regularly oversleeps.

He is at least planning to wake up on the first and only alarm, while the multiple alarm people have already planned to fail.

And none is happy with their present state and utilisation of time. That is the crux. Make each day count a single more useful second than the previous day.

People who feel they are not lazy please drop a comment.

40 thoughts on “How many of you are lazy?”

  1. I am both lazy and productive. I can lay in a hammock for weeks, but when there’s work to do I get after it really well. Getting too old to sleep in. Always up before the alarm, but naps rule!!

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    1. Hearing this I just happen to recollect my school days, when the same happens. The day before exam and the rest of the days.😂 Jokes apart! This sounds different. I feel it is like, once dedicated to something, you are fully into it.
      Really thanking you for showing the courtesy to comment.

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      1. I was a cement finisher years ago. It’s ok to help if it’s helping, but if there’s nothing to do, doing nothing is ok too. Many would try to look busy during the wait times. I’d lay in a wheelbarrow, handles down and nap. Lol. But you’re right. When it’s time to work I don’t hold back.


  2. Interesting post! I do not think I am lazy and I doubt I have ever been lazy. Perhaps it an age thing. I am an older person and when I was growing up being lazy was not tolerated in my family. We had to get up and get going and work! I have a son who says he is lazy but in fact he is not lazy and a daughter who would be insulted if anyone said she was lazy. So the concept of “lazy” is an interesting one.

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    1. Sure it is interesting. Lack of energy or health is sometimes mistaken as laziness. Laziness is a matter of perception. It is different to different people. I meant to say most people feel they are lazy.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thought.


  3. Hi Euphrates. I read your story. I can categorise myself to wake up by the 3rd time 5 minutes later, about 4 times per week as well. Most of the days off I am without energy to do great things as I had planned during the other 4 alarms. It goes all together as a bad habit the irregular meals, sleep deprivation and about 14 hours long night shifts, mainly.

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  4. Laziness equals not taking responsibility for yourself/your life.
    It’s OK to relax, make the choice to rest. As long as the choice is conscientiously made.
    Laziness is a bad habit, and habits can be improved.
    Well, to my perspective 😉

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