Silly Nonsense Returns 😉

28 / 09 / 2017 Thursday

[This one may sound silly because it actually is silly. We all love peeping into others personal affairs… especially dedicated to them.. .. A typical indian’s indian piece of humour..]


Today was the Parent-Teacher meeting at my school. Being frank.. To me.. My performance in the previous exam was not that good and hence was a bit tensed…  maybe a bit too much .. 😛

We have a new principal this year, so the event was programmed quite differently and was well organized. So we had to collect tokens and we had to meet the class teacher accordingly. Hearing this, one among suggested that they could collect some amount for the token and squeeze more profit.. But it was absolutely free of cost 😛 .. (wow! Atleast that)

Token no 16 was mine.

Now I sat with my Umma (as I call my mother) in my classroom waiting for our turn and then Anupam (our  6’1 tall class leader) came to me, kneeled down and murmured that it was better if I would wait outside as there wasn’t enough space for the parents to sit. 😛 (It wasn’t as organized as thought to be)

From one end I could hear my dear friend Martin (a maniac) being fired by our classteacher

I gladly kept my back at a corner at came out. And a gang of my friends were already. Now we all stood there outside like husbands waiting for the birth of their child outside the labour room.  So tensed.. mixed emotions..  :P.  We walked from one end to the other thinking of a multitude of things(atleast I). Once in a while a joke was cracked..…  good ones appreciated rest degraded..

Now as death sentenced criminals waiting for his loop of rope at the death hour, we began to disappear one by one.. turn by turn…

Indrajith was out after meeting … A strange ‘ganjatic  smile (couldn’t find a better apt word..  :P) appeared on his smile.  He was truely out of the order and he needed some quick maintenance.  😀

Joseph arrived..  introduced me to his mother and mumbled an advice in my ears..  ‘ Don’t ever meet  Manju teacher…  She almost killed me..huh..’  

From the other side Siddharth was seen with his mom. She was just as funny and talkative just like him. As they smiled at us, Ganapathy ( the seemingly simply but most notorious one among us)  interceded and said ‘ Aunty, Jinto sir had told that he wanted to meet Siddharth’s parent.’ Siddharth was so arrogant hearing this but he couldn’t say anything but keep grudging at him.

Next  I saw Meenakshi waving from the other class. She wanted to convey something. She tried so hard to make me understand and finally took a book, then I remembered that I had promised to read her short story.. She wanted me to read it now..  What a creature? 😠

Now as I was talking with Chess (nicknamed as Chess, the one who boasted that he had even bet Magnus Carlsen in a match,.. don’t think if anyone ever knows his actual name ), I saw my classmate Lina (one among the twin.. or the carbon copies as I once  addressed them) staring at me with a sudden change in expression to that of amazement with her hand upon chin. I was wondering why was she looking at me like that. But just then as I heard another voice from behind , the real heir to those reactions  . So was it my fate today to be befooled by any bystander as simply as that?. Pathetic..huh..pathetic..

Quite a while later the whole scene was calm. Most of them gaping down, onto the floor like it was a funeral , nothing to talk. All mourning. couple of wet eyes here are there…   Then I saw token number 13 being out after the meet. As mine was almost near, I entered my classroom. I could see those carbon copies talking with another similarly dressed girl.. I guess she was that same ‘silly’ heir … What was she doing here?

Another friend Aby entered the room too with another trademark satiated smile. Replied with the same smile and I kept mum.  It was quite nice to see a number of familiar faces with some very resembling ones along with them, with almost the same mannerisms. As my mind voyaged into similar atmosphere of a 5 year old memory and processed further recollecting them.  Thankfully, my processor was good at retrieving history and bookmarks, though it was not responding soon after…  

All then, my number was called…  


Oh! Then what happened next…


Let that secret die with me! 😛 (isn’t it silly… just wanted to try something different.. the crazy side of me acted here.. sorry if I disappointed you!)

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