Mr Oxford Learner’s says that terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Is ir right?

Let us see the concepts of terrorist and terrorism among ourselves.

Speaker i)Group of people trying to destroy a nation. – Terrorist

ii)When people with excessive patriotism/ religious adherence and people without patriotism join together to torture innocent citizens, we call it terrorism..

iii)A group of people who believe in killing others for safeguarding their believes in what is good for the world

iv)I would say terrorism is when a person uses violence to oppress their views on others.

v)Violence for self proclaimant and ecstasy – Terrorism

vi)It is an activity done by individuals or groups, which include capturing, blackmailing and sometimes even molesting people (or animals) for their sole needs.

As per these… we can define terrorism as an approach of establishing one’s views upon others by force…

Then who is a terrorist?

Well, If you ask this to  an ordinary person he might give answers like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, ISISI, Boko Haram or may name out people like Tiger Memen, Ajmal Kasab, Osama bin Laden etc.

But what was their view.. They completely objected the world’s common views and we objected their views.. There started the whole trouble.. They tried to extrapolate their views upon others by using weapons.. And we used the same weapon to hammer them back.. If terrorist is a person who uses weapons to accomplish or establish his views..then aren’t the soldiers too terrorists.. (Saying this with utmost respect to each and every soldier!)

Obama said while receiving his Nobel Prize, “The instruments of war do have a role to play in preserving the peace”

Even I’m a person who believes in the same.. But killing innocent people is never justified.. But the people who are directly into action are just puppets.. The puppeteers are the ‘view treasurers’.. But not always their aims are regarding their views, at times its all for a personal gain…

Now we’ll discuss another issue… The person world described as the greatest threat to humanity.. Osama bin Laden was killed by special forces on May 2, 2011.. Ok Justified!!based on his past deeds..!!  But along with him, his wife , children were also killed… how can that be justified?? Their justification maybe that there might be a probability of a future revolt by them in the future… Well how can you kill people based on the probabilities.. I don’t think there is any man who haven’t even thought of hurt anyone else..  Osama was a part of the Laden family, which is one of the most richest families and they are known for their etiquette and efficiency as engineers… The probability of him doing brutal deeds were narrow.. Then who are the terrorists in this case?..

Next, during Mr Bush’s reign the invasion of Iraq took place…. The 51 state country’s  officials described it as a measure to curb the violence and a measure to bring up stability in the region.. But it is quite clear that it was a selfish motive to utilise the petroleum needs of the star and stripe nation… The videos and sources released by Assange shows better informations on it.. The videos during the war period really brings despair to our minds.. The way the innocent citizens were tortured..terrible.. It was almost like a video game that the killed people..  Then how come can’t we call them terrorist.. and what about  the puppeteer.. Even the Iraqis confess that the Saddam Hussein’s period was much better than the war or the post war conditions.. They still haven’t got up from that fall… When will they?

This shows it!! Please do watch!!

When the Khalistan movement came up, the iron lady of India, then prime minister Indira Gandhi took radical measures to suppress them.. Then  the issue was cleared from then.. But even in this process the death toll included many innocent faces..

Terrorism is just a mere collision of views..

What one feels right is wrong for the other. When they not ready  to succumb or accept another’s perspective, there the terrorism begins…

One’s heroes are others enemies and vice versa.. Who is right? Who is wrong? We never know… Some things have to be accepted at the same time there are things which can not be accepted.

While there are some other lunatic groups who does absolute cruelty for the sake of nothing! Why are they so? How did they get this mentality?

download These news were desolating


All I wanna say is to watch the world as an outsider and identify the actual terrorists.. Whom we feel  are facts may not be so , but the ones we feel aren’t, may be facts too…

Fact and fiction must be identified and classified!!

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