A growing concern in INDIA!

Now, in India.. there is a new tendency to jibe others by taunting them as betrayers, antinationals or Rajyadrohis..

Whenever someone protest against the government or its policies, the reply is ‘Why are you supporting Pakistan? You are a rajdrohi. Exit India”

When a bundle of people who complained of insecurity felt in the country… they shrouded them away by asking them to exit india and join Pakistan…. They replied by taking of soldiers guarding our borders.. Though, they realised that terrorists exist not just beyond the frontiers but they also reside in and about the horded streets of India. They took up stones and swords to attack them down.. But actually they should instead take a mirror to identify the real threats of our country.

They are not to blame for it because there are just the flock. Their shepherds are the ones to be dealt with

Now, What is the big deal in supporting or encouraging the success of PAKISTAN? They are our neighbors.. Even our P M Modiji always addresses the crowds as friends, brothers etc.., aren’t Pakistanis our brothers..  Where is the universal brotherhood that he talk of? Supporting Pakistan doesn’t mean we are protesting or halting the success of our country..

When people protested on the banning of beef in Maharashtra, they were mocked and thwacked away by instructing them to leave India.. Some even had to sacrifice their lives for such a so called mistake..

We are always told to aim and desire for the success of everyone around us.. Then why this! & never forget that once we were one… before the late chaotic night of 14th  August of 1947..

I would say I would support Pakistan for all its good needs & at the same time is the admirer and disciple of Mother India!! Welfare for everyone is our concept & it is not cordial.. All must have the right to speak.. It is quite disheartening that some of our citizens cling up together and assault the person who spoke of something that is against their ideas!

I”ll present an example of how things unwind..

King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan


This shows what he is

Him on November 2, 2015

1“There is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance… there is, I think… there is growing intolerance.

“It is stupid… It is stupid to be intolerant and this is our biggest issue, not just an issue… Religious intolerance and not being secular in this country is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot,”

“People put words into the air even before thinking and here is a secular country. Here’s a country perhaps for the last 10 years that is on the cusp of going beyond what we think.”

. “We may talk about freedom of speech, but people come outside my house and throw stones,”

“We will never be a superpower if we are not going to believe that all religions are equal,”

At the press conference, too, he said, “Creativity is secular. Creativity ke andar koi jaat paat, koi dharm nahin aata hai. Kis religion ke hain. Humein kalaakaar se pyaar hai, na ke kahaan se aayein hain (Creativity does not involve caste or religion. We love the artist, not where he is from),”

After he delivered such comments, there was a widespread controversy.. He was even called a traitor.. He was trolled in the social medias.. There was a furious call for him to exile India for Pakistan..  He was humiliated..

His contemporaries Aamir Khan and Salman Khan too faced a similar criticism for uttering an alike statement…


Him on Dec 16, 2015

“I do not think there is intolerance or not… the question that was asked, for which people pounced on me, was ‘what would you say to the future generation?’ because I now fall under the seniority zone..

“Fifty per cent of our population is 25 now. If I can give any advice to them, then it would be to not differentiate in the name of region, religion, caste, colour, creed, sex or gender,”

“I never meant that it is happening now. I don’t think. I will be very clear…. everything is very nice in our country… God bless India, long live us, long live us
Indians. There is no problem and nobody has been intolerant towards me except when I smoke…,”

“I think we are on the cusp of modernisation and best of places a country can be… We will, we can and we should be superpower. There are only small issues for young generation. I am not saying the generation which exists… I am not saying right now we have intolerance… I am not saying there is a problem.

“…nowhere have I said anything which is wrong and having said that, the fact that every time I speak, things are misunderstood…,”

What does this change indicate?..

He himself says earlier that  we may talk about freedom of speech, but people come outside his house and throw stones… It is crystal clear that his recent comments were fear induced.. Also he was concerned of the release of his new film..

It was not the sporty, energetic, concerned citizen who spoke with ample spirit and patriotism who spoke on December.. He sounded a bit muddle headed and meagerly apologized.. He also tried to bring in some light moments to change the topic so as not to create another controversy. Moreover, he is one among the greatest actors of all time in bollywood history…. He too was scared of the “shepherd and his flock”..

If such a fear coaxed him to amend his previous comments, then how will be the case of an ordinary Indian.. Afterall he is just a humble simple man like all of us … He may be the Ra one in reel life, but he isnt in real life..

I don’t exactly have an answer to this question.. I dont mind blaming anyone for all these, but whatever it is, the citizens are the ones suffering..

All what I desire is the land where all have voice and the existence of fraternity & justice  across boundaries.. Jai Hind! Jai Lok!


5 thoughts on “A growing concern in INDIA!”

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  2. The words you told of what he said in the video I could say, word for word, it is something many say in America. They say our country is free to practice whatever religion. I am Buddhist. No one stops me. But our country pushes Christianity. Politicians have to declare themselves to be Christian. The political Christian conservatives want to run the country by Christian law – not because they practice the faith in their own. It is a means of control.

    We, too, have problems with our border country of Mexico. The government put out much propaganda that immigrants are rapists and murderers and low class. This year they tore apart families to send the father or mother back to Mexico. They reopened closed old prisons that are not working right and crumbling, to imprison Hispanic people, including children. Not gibing medical care and medicine. Some are dying. The government forgets they are human beings. Trumps big wall won’t work any better than it did in Germany. This will be remembered in history as a terrible thing. Many Americans turn a blind eye and pretend to not see it. The excuse? What can I do?

    And we have always hired immigrants to pick the food in the summer – fruits and vegetables. Hard work. Low pay. Now they are afraid to come. Farms have food that is rotting in the field. Our president did not think of the consequences of his actions. Now food will become more expensive.

    You haven’t written lately. You should. Through blogs, people can learn the truth.

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    1. It’s quite a different picture that we get here about U.S. They ground zero facts are much different. Quite inhumane and arrogant. But sdly the realities are not very sweet.
      I’ve been busy for a while. But soon shall write again. Thank You!


    2. It’s quite a different picture that we get here about U.S. They ground zero facts are much different. Quite inhumane and arrogant. But sadly the realities are not very sweet.
      I’ve been busy for a while. But soon shall write again. Thank You!


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