Why do people lie?

On the  Independence day (India) 2016, someone in my family decided to be independent.. The day that showed the success of dynamic bloods 69 long years ago.. It was non other than my brother.. A restless, crazy ‘tutor’of 3 years. He independently locked himself up in the bedroom and refused to come out. ‘Fighting for solidarity’ lol!!

I was chatting online with a couple of friends during that time.. When I later told them what happened, they told me that he was reluctant to come out as he knew that his mindless brother was outside.. 😛  [And if you are reading this, take this.. I am not as mindless as you are].. Lemme get back to the topic.. I heard a cry from my mother.. I ran downstairs.. I peeped through the slit between the threshold and the door.. I could see a reflection of him  in the tile.. He was running around.. I asked him to take the key from the keyhole and place it on a piece of paper that I projected through the slit..  I could hear the staggering motion of a bundle of keys .. He then rolled the keys on a paper and tried to pass it over to me.. But the slit was too small for that.. Now mother went near the window and viewed him.. Those keys which he took was simply the key of the almirah and not the door … 🙂 😀

As it was a holiday for us, we and our neighbours had a lot of visitors… All of them came forward for help.. But this young fellow was not at all tensed.. He was playing with his toys.. We broke up the hooks of a window, but there was no other use as the window was grilled. But we could see and talk to him better and could see what actually he was doing.. Whenever visitors peep in through the window..  he exclaimed excitedly to see him.. First of all we calmly advised him to merely pull out the key from the lock and hand over it to us.. He once tried it but was unable to pull the keys out.. He replied he couldn’t and went on to work with his blocks.. he was trying to build something with them.. Everyone around began to ask the same thing ..’key’.. but in different ways.. in tones of love, care, and even anger.. Each of us began to offer him different things for the keys. Offers of toffees, rides, chocolates, juice, toys was given.. but although he heard them and said he wanted them now.. But he would just go half the way to collect the keys and divert his path to the blocks.. There was many new opinions that the door may be slashed or the grills may be cut.. He began to demand chocolates and asked for a glass of water.. He at intervals took asked for it again and again and we supplied it to him…. But he never was concerned to come out or to give us the key.. Then my father told him that all of us including me (his checha) , you , mother (umma – as he calls her), brother( annanna – they way he calls me)  and sister (his ithatha) would go for a trip outside.. but give me the key first… He impulsively replied in a slightly furious tone ‘Ithathaye kond povenda’ ‘Don’t take sister with us’.Some deliberate bits of repression and suppression that he faced in the olden weak days domained in his voice 😛 ….. Then when my father agreed to his proposal, this tiny little human being gave a giant answer…

”Checha, kond pokathilla chumma parayuva…”

Checha wouldn’t take me for the trip, you’re just kidding

Even this giant pygmy knew that we were lying..Then how would he not start lying.. Isn’t this how the thing called ‘LIE’ exists and proliferates in the world.. There is no use of complaining about people lying.. This serious case should be dealt from the root level…  The children learn everything from the world around them.. They wouldn’t have known what lie was unless they were lied..  Any lie is a lie.. Let it be to a child or to a saint…  But it is difficult question if you ask me, if it so, from where did lie first arise…? I may find it easier to answer the question whether the egg or hen arose first.. I always remember  Baba’s words.. The Baba of Hosseini’s Kite runner said “Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft.When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth.” .. Then I don’t suppose if there are people here who have not stolen… including me & you! I know, I’m not anyone to talk or to preach… But why can’t we just try.. Atleast reduce.. And if one can’t finds it really hard, atleast try not lying to young ones..There cases may be minute, innocent or obscure for us..But those smallest cases are the most prominent ones.. I’ve started my responsibility….  Isn’t he a tutor? Who could say he isn’t? Children are the best tutors.. They have a lot to say.. But one must have the proper ear to listen to them.. One must know to understand them.. Who said Utopia is just an imgination .. There is no other life sphere more beautiful than childhood – the Utopia of every man’s life..

Now lemme conclude what happened next.. The young fellow not got tired over exhilaration and took a nap on the bed…keeping us in fire… Now an uncle brought a long welded rod with a hook at its end. All of combined to help it out.. He projected the rod through the window, the rod swayed up and down… He tried to control it.. Each of us contributed and tried a hand.. Finally, after an effort of some 2500 seconds 😛 we finally got the key and reached the mighty human! He finally lost his recently acquired independence.  None of us disturbed him.. He continued his calm sleep.. I was excited to see how my mother would react when he is awake.. I thought she may scold him.. But as soon as he woke up, she took the door keys and taught him to unlock the keys and to pull them out.. Secondarily, she advised him not to repeat his this crazy act.. My sister, his ithatha – his congenital enemy. But these enemies always sign a negotiation agreement at times when they commit mischiefs together ..instagramcapture_5d80c046-2244-49b7-a8a9-2e3ca55b625d-2


7 thoughts on “Why do people lie?”

  1. The father of the lie is Satan. He is the taunter of the Creator. His lies infected mankind and to this day, the result is seen worldwide. There is hope, however. Soon all wickedness will be removed. Those who have learned how to live in harmony with God’s word will live in a world free from strife and lies.

    1. You are welcome. Do you agree that all people need to get along with each other? What kind of instruction can help all people regardless of race or geographical location?

  2. This is quite a message and was a fun ride reading it with essence of thoughts flushed in. But I do not ascribe completely onto it. Lying will come to humans even if they are not taught to. That’s because of the strange reasoning sense of humans.

    1. I partly agree. But childhood does have a big influence as well .
      As the quote says, ‘Man is a part DNA, and part unknown decided by the incidents he expereinces in childhood’.

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