Impact of Time!!

Diary Note!!

1/6/16  Wednesday                                                                         6:20 PM

Forget to take my watch downstairs.. So time is just a guess…. Start of School Classes.. Quite a tiring day.. Classes until 5pm.. Hectic Schedule…. Not feeling to describe anything about the classes.. Today, when I say that person, a thought struck my mind…The impact of time.. That person was extremely happy. That extra happiness shook me a fear rather than gladness. I couldn’t even properly hear what I was asked… I somehow managed to give a reply out of nowhere.

This was what I felt… Every jolly, energetic person finally turns into a serious, monotonous adult in most cases.. The friendship, joy, fun is lost. They adjust to the circumstances. Many alters themselves to family situations. The joyful, interactive part in them pauses and a machine like boring personality is the output due to the processor, TIME..  A person   who smiles and laughs a lot may not be able to keep that pleasure.. I can’t even imagine seeing a friend with a fake smile, idleness or stress whose previous identity itself was cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Isn’t life something of that sort?… Ah! Happiness is not lifelong .. Stress and strain will gulp it some point of life..but it shouldn’t allow it to stay for ever….

*             *            *


Wednesday,  15/6/15

Something similar to what I thought had happened…. Refer 1/6/2016’s note….about short lived happiness.. What I had thought had befallen.. The same person I described was no more in usual state… Eyes looked tired and dried due to extensive tear flow.. The happiness was lost.. Death was the devil who caused this change.. I wish it is just a  momentary one… Let the happiness recover !!!



And yes!! It so happened… The happiness was back… Forgetfulness is a real gift from GOD!! One can never stick on to the perils of the past!! Man has to move on…..that too… happily…     But life is no fairy tale which ends with a ‘happily lived ever after’ … Do you think u r as happy as u were ago.. One has to conquer and overcome all worries and challenges … & importantly try not to lose ones character at any stage…….Because, at the end of the day, what that judges you is your character!!



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