Erasing a Question mark against human kind


Discrimination, inequality and disharmony has always been a question mark to human kind. It still remains so.. Many  activities that we do in the name of Religion and caste seem lunatic and they cause massive harm to humans.. Religion has been with man right from the stone ages and the fight among them too was common from time immemorial. Even eminent people like Galileo, Copernicus where persecuted for proving facts that contradict the religious ideologies. Religion and caste is represented as a system to structure peace, and righteousness among people, but unfortunately it has lead to social conflicts and even wars have happened. Is this what the religious scholars aimed? The concept of religion has been wrongly interpreted and has been understood inappropriately.

What is the solution to such problems?

As many say, that the solution lies within the problem itself… the solution to curtail or abate the religious conflicts and inequalities,  is studying about one’s own religion to a wider extend.. Most of the people who are involved in filthy activities are people who doesn’t have an exact understanding on religion. They are mistaught by other members. So the main remedy is EDUCATION… not just any education.. quality education…

Religion must not be considered as a fundamental element to define people or differentiate them..

Choice of religion must totally be personal. It musn’t be questioned or asked anywhere. Now, whenever we happen to fill a form there is a column to fill in our religion along with Name, DOB, Blood Group, Address etc..  Aww… Is it that important? Religion must not be given this type of significance. It must just be considered a personal and surface level aspect. None of us would enquire formally what kind of dress you wear or what kind of food do you eat. Similarly, though religion is important but it isn’t something to be publicized or asked. Religion is just like a shirt you wear on. It is your choice on what to wear.. As there are restrictions on dress code, similarly there are restrictions on religion too.. One’s believes must never rebut another’s believes or curtail the freedom of another citizen.

The bond among people should be more stronger. There should be more organization and coordination among people especially from diverse religions, castes, creeds and other circumstances. This can help them to unite. Schools and colleges must become impartial in granting admissions to people from all sectors. After all, quality education is the substantial answer to many questions. There should be a limit of religion or caste based organizations and meetings. This can help in reducing violence and blood spill.. Also, matrimonial relationship must occur among diverse castes on an arranged basis. It must become more common. It not only helps in encouraging unity but also it will reduce consanguineous marriages which will complement in better health of people. Even nation boundaries must be broken. This would cut down the conflicts to a huge extend. But due to the influences of absurd traditional greybeard this wouldn’t sound practical. A major question that would arise here is the religion of their next generation in such a case. If a time when religion is not given a major significance arrives, then the answer to this would be delivered. I am of the opinion that one must have a strong and clear faith in a particular religion. The smart NewGens should chose a faith (if they wish to) which they find most apt. Their names then wouldn’t stand as an identity for a religion. Hence another peripheral differentiation is cut off…Many such advantages

Government and other ruling bodies must keep a clear distance from religions. They must never show partisanship. Unfortunately that is not the case now. Off late even in so called ‘highly developed’ countries like U.S.A partisanship has evolved. Though it was there in their body language in the past years, it is after the appearance of Mr. Trump, the whole situation got heated up. He has injected the venom of casteism into the hearts of people. I don’t think by calling him an ‘ old absurd greybeard’ I am doing justice because that is just a minimal representation.   In India, it is a well known ‘secret’ that the current government is particularly favouring a section of people.  BJP government now has started to implement its religious agendas directly and through subsidiaries.

RESERVATIONS… It certainly is a way to wash out caste inequalities. But not in the present form. We are still following the 1989 system. Reservation is meant to upstage the people in the lower strata. Many had criticized saying that the government is discriminating another person while trying to patch up the ill effects caused by the discrimination one had faced. Though, it is a bit harsh towards the already settled individuals, while we compare the merits of upbringing an individual it is justified.  This was a hotly debated topic..   Especially after the Hardik Patel issue.. I was shocked by the response of an eminent figure about Reservation… It was none other than, Mr Azim Premji..


I think we should have job reservations in all the fields.

I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this.

Let’s start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC, SC /ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should be counted as 8 runs. An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century. We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal. 


I’m not certain about the reliability of this comment.. Anyways I would like to reply whoever who said this…

Such reservations should be brought in, if reservation is brought into this sectors as well…

Just consider that he is given a local willow bat instead of an English Willow. In such a situation reducing the boundaries and legitimating the rules are the best option to ensure equality. Furthermore, he may not be  given proper training. He may have a better talent, but he didn’t get the help of an expertise at the right time and he didn’t get enough opportunities to develop his skill.

But reservations must not be on the basis of castes. It must solely be based of financial condition. In the present situation a lot of undeserved are getting the benefit of reservations and on the other hand a lot of deserved are missing out their rightful chance.

Also even after the introduction of a class based reservation system, there should be a proper system to check malpractices and regularly update the information. This country, India is a place where even millionaires may be paupers in the official documents.. So a careful and exact method to check its functioning is more important than its implementation.

Reservation system have really been productive. This is what the reports and surveys says..not me.. That means a class-based reservation will improve the social unity. It can also solve a lot of disputes quite easily…

All these are a few minor ways to dwindle the gap between people from different castes and religions…

But the most important thing is the mindset of the civillians. It would happen unless we believe that it would.

I was really depressed by the comments of many people, when I asked them about this..

Here are some replies..

I:  I don’t know… Equal Treatment &Equal Respect among people is necessary

II: HAHA.. There should be no religion at all..

III: I’m not a social reformer. Better don’t ask me.

IV: Kill all the people

V: Bond among people… Financial Equality..

VI: Single Religion

VII: Intercaste Marriages

VIII: Procurement of information about a person’s caste and religion must be brought to a stop

IX: What? Check in the internet…

This shows how disdainful our situation is… Anyways, even though I ‘m not expecting a Utopia in future, but I would like to see this land with at least a fraction better!! Lets Hope For the Best!! And remember.. hope simply wouldn’t erase these “question marks”

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