Girl = Mere piece of flesh?? Or what?

So have you forgotten her.. That innocent sister… The one who was just considered a piece of flesh… How can one do such an act..  How did such a blatant and inhuman mind develop? We are responsible for it.. We failed to identify this filthy mind.. We made his mind filthy.. We are responsible for it more than him.. He was moulded by the society in such a way..But Doesn’t  he too have a mother and a sister…

And Now…

now this tag is hardly found.. Before there were multitudes of them.. A tag offcourse doesnt make sense.. But your actions will .. Never ever allow another adding to that list..Are we still waiting for the government to tale proper measures.. ? How can that happen in this country where even the people accused of the same crime are ruling…   Just remember that we are the real culprits if such a dreadful incident reappears..imagesq=tbnANd9GcSerB-CCahIWkV8ukDPj607jrb52t_1-0bkFsX68uhMI9CSl3KlJQ.jpg Jisha is just a representation.. It must stop there…(Sadly it hasnt) What we need is a system to find such minds and to correct them.. And an excellent educational system which gives more value to character development than the ones in the current scenario.May God bless all of us now…


..[Sorry that this is a bit region specific.. But isn’t this globally relevant]

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