What is your ambition? Doctor or an Engineer?

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[Strictly India based] When a child is born, he began to face diverse obstacles in life… At first he has to learn to walk steadily, later he begins his schooling…He passes through troublesome days among exams stress from a tender age.. . Then as he grows up he is asked a question ‘What is your ambition? Doctor or an Engineer? Then by the age of 17, a major challenge surfaces.. ‘ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS…This is the major point in the life of every average Indian youngster. The usual question is   A student finally succumbs to pressures and sacrifices all his interests and desires to accomplish and achieve a settled job.  It may be out of their comfort zone but they do it just due to the compulsion of their parents..  And hence a student talented in other sectors may chose a career in which he may be inefficient.. He may acquire selection by intensive training and by meticulous work.. Also, here comes the influences of Entrance training centres.. Its almost like a business nowadays..  But a talented student who cannot didnt get training can lose out.. For eg: Consider the situation where two students are writing an exam.. One is intensively trained..But the other is talented. The trained one may solve much number of questions because he is familiar with those questions, but the second one may not solve that much as the first, but the ones he solved would be due to his own intelligence.. The first one would have been unable to solve it if he hadn’t taken the training… Now just think that both of them got admission.. The first one would have to work even harder than the second.. He may not be able to complete the course.. This is the reason why India has a large percent of Graduation Course drop outs.. Especially, Engineering.. Also the number of unemployment among engineers is too high.. I recently heard a joke.. It says.. Years ago,if a you  ask a native , ‘Can you show me the house of an engineer?’  would point out and take you to the place and say that he may not be available..But if you repeat the question now, ago he would tell you to enter into any of the houses, you will surely end up meeting an engineer.. Even though this was just a joke, the irony is quite staggering.. Many engineers are actually a mismatch there.. Many people who had to be singers, artists, Lawyers, Businessmen are being made into Engineers and doctors.. They would never be happy with their job and wouldn’t enjoy it.. They may do the work instructed to them, but they wouldn’t be capable of doing something extraordinary or out of the box.. Because, they are trained to be so.. Training is the process of teaching what others know.. But talent is something that one gets by birth and will help him to do things solely, without an outsider’s help. A trained person would always be one among the pack.. But the talented one can only show and lead the way.. It is a known and agreed fact that each one is unique and is exceptionally blessed with a particular talent.. Then why should one to be a Messi, made a doctor, or a Walt Disney made into an Engineer..


First of all, the whole education system needs a Brobdingnagian turn around.. Equal weightage should be given to academics and other activities.. There should be chances for each one to identify their talent.. The system of Entrance Coaching centres should be brought to a stop. Only then will the actually eligible one will get acquire what he deserves.. Inflow of undeserved people will naturally decrease.. It will also reduce the gap between poor and rich student.. Then as only the appropriate one gets the chance, the nation too will develop.. Innovative thoughts, idea and inventions will come up.. This can lead to the prosperity of all… In the current scenario the ones’ who aren’t worthy are actually taking away the prosperity from the citizens.. They are not performing what they ought to do.. They are cheating the society..

Also due to the presence of private colleges and management quotas, the number unworthy has increased and the quality of education has downticked..The efficiency of whole community is adversely affected..  But the risk factor is always there..

One may ask me.. ‘So do you mean that a person’s hardwork must go in vain?’ I would say that his hardwork should be at the right place…Not at someone else’s place..  A talented person may have to face challenges too… For all these one must identify and examine his own limitations and must find a way to leap over it to cross the victory line.. Just think of the case of the Sphinx, Franklin D Roosevelt..

A talent is never a direct one.. For instance, the talent in being a doctor is the skill for precision, control and accuracy.. For a singer it may be the level of voice modulation.. For an actor it may be his observatory skill.. Hence one must identify his own talents and sync it to a job where he could be supreme, also the person’s fondness must be considered.. Also the conception that a particular job is inferior needs a radical change..

But thinking practically…  Misfits are always a part of the pack..Their presence are much needed for success… One’s success is another’s failure.. They coexist each other.. One has to crush upon the other here.. They usually form the hardworking force,  the power of any group.. But their number shouldn’t be in bulks.. In a stair towards an Utopia, there are necessary, gradually decreasing in number by time..

The first towards all  these is formulation and reconstitution.. Change is essential.. It is inevitable.. It will certainly happen.. But the question is WHEN? The answer to this lies with each and everyone of us! Just Decide it!

9 thoughts on “What is your ambition? Doctor or an Engineer?”

  1. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I
    realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking
    and checking back frequently!

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    theme? Fantastic work!

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  3. Good Ԁay! I could havee sworn I’ᴠе beеn to thbis website beforе Ƅut аfter ցoing through а feww of the posts
    Ι relized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certaіnly delighted І stumbled upon іt ɑnd I’ll
    ƅe bookmarking іt and checking bɑck ⲟften!

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  4. I agree that there’s often a mismatch between one’s talents/interests and job, for the reasons you’ve discussed in your post. Society limits the “acceptable” choices for a profession, and makes us feel guilty if we don’t fall into any of those choices. Indeed, we need to change the ways we bring up and educate our children, or we lose great talent to mere societal pressures.

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