Silly Note!! Just Nonsense!!

Now I have started the habit of writing diaries again!! I’ll just type what I’ve written the last few days! Whatever it maybe this nonsense is currently helping a lot to relax and rejuvenate myself… As a companion!!

17/5/2016    TUESDAY        6:34PM

Back to hostel after the weekend.  Spent 2 days at home… Studied Physics.. Watched a movie.. As I went through my previous years’ books, a special feeling began to arise… I felt like my abdomen is getting heated up.. Even now it hasn’t left me.. Getting a relief as I am writing this.. Its only now that I realize how beautiful the past days were… Especially the last 2 years of school life.. Missing my family……teachers…that atmosphere… ambience… missing a lot… These obsessions are still haunting me.. Time is really a mage…  But I’ve a lot of sweet, cute memories to remember… Even the bitter experiences r sweet now..Memories I something I can cherish the whole life.. Wish I had learned in that class again.. Now, I understand how important were they to me..  It very true that one only realizes the beauty of vision when he becomes blind..  So just trying to figure the beauty in this circumstance.. After all LIFE HAS TO GO ON!

Some minor incidents of the day…

  • Got up late..
  • Quickly packed the luggage and set for hostel..
  • Quite rainy day.. The wet leaves of trees swayed left and right.. Such a beautiful sight..
  • Divyadarshan (whom we call as pancho or panchara ) didn’t come today.. He was sick..
  • Today my seat was on the first bench.. Somehow sat there for the whole day..OMG!  suffocating..
  • Siddharth V is a good friend..He sat next to me today..Surprisingly he too has stammering.. I myself laugh in my mind endlessly when we both stammer while we talk each other… I don’t think he has overcome its challenges fully… But He find it very comfortable to talk to me..As I  can understand him very very well..
  • Anathakrishnan B (Chess) came in a strange attire.. He looked as if he was a hotel staff.. He was ridiculed by many.. But he is a nice guy.. such an innocent fellow..
  • I took my mate, Muneer’s poem to the class.. He now has a lot of fans in my class.. I absolutely stunned by Nikhil’s question.. ‘Can I get an appointment to meet this person?’
  • Muneer had agreed to meet me after the class today.. I searched if he had come …. I couldn’t find him.. But unexpectedly I ended up meeting his love interest..that too twice.. What a coincidence…
  • I met our previous year’s library sir, Mr Vasudeva Potty.. He was exceptionally glad to meet me..
  • I forgot to collect my dear friend , Adithya Vijay’s ph no.. Have to get it 2moro..
  • Anthapadamanabhan still teases  calling me a nerd just as last year..… Compared to him I’m just nothing.. I still don’t understand on what basis does he call me so.. He is not gonna change!!
  • Felt like Abel is a bit hurt by what I said.. Have to correct my mistake..
  • During the class time, I found that the right ceiling fan’s cup is displaced.. When it is switched on, the cup vibrates.. I also felt a strange connection there.. I felt as if my young brother was nodding his head to console.. I feel really happy to see that….
  • Nikhil’s water bottle was dropped on the floor  mistakenly by SS sir…  Nikhil almost screamed… That caused laugh riots in the class… Thankfully, it didn’t break..
  • Played cricket in the evening… Even though I was part of a time..But at the end of the day, I remained a mere spectator… (Our seniors didn’t give us even an opportunity..)



Got a lot to study… I think, that’s all for the day!!


That was the note of 17th… I wish I could post all my notes.. But I don’t have the time for that..Furthermore, I am quite lazy too…. Many might find all these silly and childish.. But this childish stuff will bring up a smile on my face in the future.. I’ll also be a treasurer of sweet memories!! I love my past… I all ponder upon it!! Such memories and past are those which made me what I am now!

There are more such silly facts in other notes too.. But here are few which I cannot avoid mentioning..

*We were given black coffee…& .. Anupam asked our warden:

‘Sir, why haven’t they added milk in this?’

… We all broke out into laughter…(Just as u[20-5-2016]

*Jibin Sir’s advice :

One may became a doctor..But what is the use if he hasn’t become a proper human being..? [19-5-2016]

*Today, sir scolded the last benchers as they were not attentive in the class..They all were busy oBsErViNg….. Sir asked each one their name… First one was Ganapathi..2nd was Shijin..(Sir heard his name as Shivan.. & according to Indian mythology Shivan was the father of Ganapathi…{LOL} The 3rd & 4th were Sreeram and Adithya S (Both being other characters in Indian mythology)…..It became such a mess… & laughs were all over again amidst a very serious and boring lecture..[19-5-2016]




I also met many new people…new characters… totally a new experience…Rejuvenating & Refreshing!! EXPERIENCE IS A GREAT TEACHER .. & I simply love it!! Wish I will get to know and experience more!!!ear friendSo sorry ..Dont actually know his full name)tually know …

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