A Ping-Pong Game

This one would be different from my past talks. You may find this quite uninteresting. Still…….


A table tennis match was being played between two smart teenagers. One was in an informal outfit, with his hair spiked up. But the other was in much more a formal attire. It was greatly pleasing to watch them play. The only difference was that I couldn’t hear any voice away from ping-pong sound, they were mute. They communicated about the scores through gestures. They expressed all disappointments and excitements of the game, but the vocal expression was missing. When they noticed that I was observing them, they smiled at me, I too replied with another genial smile. The informally dressed one was a better player but he conceded many an unforced error, while the other person’s serve was so exceptional that it was hard to tackle.

Suddenly I heard a meek yelp. It was a small boy of about 10 years. He had cried as his mother had misfitted his hearing aid and that had induced the pain. He patiently waited for his mother to fix it accurately in both his ears. Later they both walked together upstairs. I was inside an institution devoted to aid speech and hearing impaired individuals, NISH. It is a commendable step taken by the government. It not only help unfortunate individuals to improve their ailments but also educate them. Moreover, it is based on welfare rather than financial benefit. I had gone their to attend a speech therapy. I had observed a number of such situations during my earlier visits and some of them were heartrending.

Once I saw a young mother with wet eyes coming out from consultant’s room. She hugged her child, an infant rapidly and once again burst into tears. Her relatives tried to console her, but she kept on crying. It was a heartbreaking scene. I guess it was something related to the child. Maybe a sudden unexpected revelation might have caused this distress.

I have also seen numerous children with many kinds of hearing and speech related defect. Its really a mournful sight to see a large number of unfortunate small kids, all with hearing devices in their ears. But they are all very happy, just like any other kid. Their parents are also used to it, they have realised the fact.

hearing aid

Recently, I also saw a young deaf and dumb salesman in a textile shop. He was very vibrant and tried to help me out in every way. In a way, he was trying to surpass the constrictions. It was his disability that made him special or else he would have been just an other ordinary man. He had a confident appearance. He has got many appreciable values.

Whatever be the limitations one has got, accept it first and then overcome it by their talents, only then one can pursue his/her own desire.

Then think about how you have used your ability to speech and hear. Have you used your ear to hear righteous matters? Have you used it to gain knowledge? Have you used them productively?

Have you made your ability to speech count? Use it to motivate others, use it impart knowledge.. Or atleast to make others happy…( I don’t mean to say that all of us must speak inspiringly and seriously about the issues of life or of knowledge, but atleast if your words can make others happy or )

Its the time, if you still haven’t. God has gifted this capability to us, and has also refused this to many talented deserving hands. Prove that God hasn’t provided them to an undeserving fellow. Use all your talents and hence justify yourself. Its quite the time to think and act. Act before its too late…..

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