What was APJ Sir? A different notion


Avul Pakeer Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India, the people’s president, who actually was he. I dont think I need to explain much about the way he came  up, his works and all. Those are very common details. But what I am about to talk here is something quite different. One may find it at first an evil thought, but when you think about it you would realize the fact..

APJ Abdul Kalam a man respected by all, a humble luminary, a great teacher, a genius, a maestro, words are many to eulogize him.. But lets think about this in an other way. And its with all respect I am saying this. I’m just expressing what I feel.

As a common man what has he done for the humanity? Or What has a common man gained?

He has assisted in creating a number of weapons. Remember:He is known as the missile man of India..He was certainly instrumental in creating a number of missiles..He laid the foundation for many other researches or findings.. He was the architect of the Pokhran – II nuclear bomb attempts. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this steered to Indo-Pak estrangement and consequently lead to the Kargil War..Moreover, many other institutions he had supported also ended up doing many such disasters..

So basically, has he lead to people’s detriment than good? Think upon this!!

Well..my answer is that it is a bitter truth..

He has certainly been a great teacher, and through his words many scores of people have been encouraged.His rise to success is obviously an inspiring story.


Furthermore, it seemed that the president position was awarded to him by the religiously intolerant BJP despite of being a muslim as a reward for his influence in  sophistication of arm infantry,Pokhran II explosion and the Kargil war victory.

But I can’t blame APJ sir for all this.. I would say he was used by others.. They took advantage of his humility, goodness, hardwork, innocence and candidness..I feel pity upon him. A simple man is always utilised by others..The society needs to change..

But, there are very few who think this way..The society has given a thought or an impression upon a person and others merely accept it..There needs to be a change.The society is not always correct..Even I never had such a thought until some 6 months ago..On a fine morning, saying exactly 28th July 2015, I was shocked to hear the news that this great man was no more and he had died the previous day.. I began to think about him, his achievements..It wasn’t for a single day..It prolonged for over a week.. It was during this period, this kinda thinking came to my mind..This was also the time that Yakub Memon was executed. He was executed for providing secondary assistance in the 1993 Mumbai bombing. He was indirectly involved in this case..

Now, Please pardon me for what I am going to say..

Consider APJ sir and Yakub Memon as two common men..In eyes of God they are two human beings. Two children of God.. APJ sir was given all pleasures and appreciations during his life time.. But Yakub Memon was denied them..But what about their activities, virtually the same.. Yakub too was a highly talented financier and accountant ..But he wa forced to lend a hand for the explosion. And then Memon was stamped as a brutual terrorist..and APJ sir a gentle, and respectful person.

This all what I got to say…

And please don’t call me an anti-national…. Rohith Vemula was the victim of such act.But. I never feel he was right in ending his life… Kanhaiya Kumar is again another such person …JNU campus…(This something off the topic..I surely will come to all this very soon in my next few posts..)

…………………………………………………… – JUNAID MUHAMMAD ANSHAD


3 thoughts on “What was APJ Sir? A different notion”

  1. well..Junaid.. a very different thought. I like the way you began.
    now..my question is- since APJ sir and Yakub Memon shared same vices( former leading to the development of weapons and the latter in bombing) don’t you think they had a different familial background,beliefs, ideas and faith. and one is forced into his circumstances. what do you think?

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    1. Certainly it was circumstances which forced Menon to do such a crime… He was highly successful in his job.. But his elder brother went on to be a terrorist and mobster.. They didn’t recieve proper morals or ideals from their family…
      On the other hand APJ sir was exceptionally lucky to have born to righteous parents.. But unfortunately this intelligent man failed to introspect himself and his own activites…
      He was never forced rather he chose his own path..But once when he reached at a point, the circumstances made him do what he did..


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