Why this Blog?

The answer is quite simple…

I Just wanna express myself…

Hmm… see .. I wanna be different.. I like to assess situation differently.. think differently, enjoy differently… I feel this Difference or Variance, is what that would cultivate a real human… I love to watch a particular situation in different perspectives..Sometimes this makes myself feel that I am a psycho.. Still I enjoy this.. At times this thought process makes me really….I enjoy that grief, it makes me a better human.. So, isnt this my birthright!!

But why here??? uh?Then,Even though i’ve a lot of friends. Most of them arent ready to listen to my views & opinions…Maybe they dont find my talk attractive… Even though some are ready, I am not able to explicit myself… That is coz of a stuttering that I’ve been gifted with since 2,3 years.. 🙂 Nevermind…. [Edited on Nov 2017: No more that fellow, learnt to overcome it. Much successful now! And I’m Euphrates. ]

What is its relevance? Great Question.. I dont mind even if none reads this.. I just find this a place to share my views,resolutions and ideas with utmost honesty. I always wanted to achieve something like this, but a blog was such a sudden and incredible idea!! Here I would speak out whatever I feel is right.. It may be on a social issue, or a personal issue or just any incident which i feel is relevant….. It could even be some funny instances that I’ve  gone through… whatever…… hoo…….. Feel like I’m talking too much………Hmm, This simply would be a substitute to my diary(A diary which i only write once in a blue moon,, this shouldnt be or maybe wouldnt be like it)….Finally Result of a long urge to express myself.. & today 8th of Decemeber 2015! I declare my mission has started(hehe)…..

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