Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam – An encouraging movie!


I recently watched the movie, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam.. It is a very simple but effective movie.A kinda movie that we haven’t come across much in the Mollywood.. It may not be  a very entertaining masala movie but it certainly is something much more greater.Su Su …. is a movie which has some matter in it and is socially relevant..

Su su… tells the story of the life and growth of young boy who has stammering.. He considers himself inferior to others. He often feels sad about it and even tries to hide it whenever possible.. There are instances in the movie which beautifully showcases these attributes.But later as the movie roles on, the whole scenario changes and he is all ready to face the challenges of life… He then realises that the true challenge is to accept our faults and overcome them through hardwork, self-confidence and skill… It creates a huge sense of positive aspirations and vigour among audience..Through the film, Jayasurya has once again proved his versatility. He is simply awesome.. He got into the shoes of the character with ease…Another round of applause for Ranjith Shanker, the mastermind behind the movie..His stern decision to make a movie based on his friend Sudheendran, requires appreciation.The movie dips us into thoughts about what we are& what we can do.The movie may not be a mass success, but this humble movie will encourage many to perform and will make changes in lives of many..I would certainly be one of them.

This movie would remain close to my heart, because I could easily relate to Sudhi, as I too have stuttering… In some parts, my eyes went wet.All problems of a stutterer is portrayed just as it is.Thank God that they arent made a laughing stock as in many movies.At the interval, I behan to think about my own future…..The prospects that I’d have to overcome…..The second half shows us the way to lead our life to success.It speaks out that no success comes before hardwork and selfconfidence.. Risks have to be taken… By the end, I was filled with confidence and vehemence to achieve what I aspire..Nothing can stop me from achieving it, if I really deserve it… Then,Su su was one of the prime reasons why started writing this blog.. I wanna be unique and express my personality…Sudhi in the end utters that ‘It is more important to be yourself, rather than wanting to be like, Sachin or Aamir Khan..It is a must watch movie- especially to the youth who feel that they are inferior…Never miss it!!!!

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